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Master and me picked up some vet wrap over the weekend and were looking forward to playing with it a little bit.  The night we wound up playing with it, we had actually planned to do some boot blacking practise, but after walking around all day I was feeling super tired and a smidge frazzled.  Master thought that some nice relaxing pet play might be the thing we needed.  I put my kitty ears in, and set up a small space gathering this and that, as Master told me to.  I’d never had vet wrap before, although they have used similar wraps on me at the doctor’s office or at the ER when they take out an IV or after needle sticks.  I sat and tried not to wriggle as Master tightly wrapped up both of my front pawsies.

Kitty Play Time

Having my paws wrapped made me feel a lot more kitty-like, as I had no thumbs at all.  It wasn’t just about pretending I have no thumbs, or using the rest of my hand in lieu of thumbs.  It was about having two little balled up kitty-paws, and no ability to do much of what I usually do, even as a kitty.

About To Pounce A Birdo

We somehow began playing a game with two of my toys.  One was a feather on a stick, and the other was a little chirping birdie.  The game had unwritten rules, but it seemed that I was to try to get both of my toys at once, so Master didn’t have either of them.  I had a lot of fun, and I succeeded once or twice.

Fun and Failure

Once or twice I’d get the toys, but Master would just reach out his big mitts, and he’d take ’em right back!  It’s not fair!  He has thumbs!

Crinkled Ears

After a bit of “kitty tug O war” with one of my toys, my ears got all disheveled.

“Don’t move.”  Master says.  “You look cute, I want to take a picture!”

Kitty Caught The Birdo!

At some point, I laid my head on Master’s leg and snuggled him because I was getting tired, and he said he wanted to take off my paw wraps.  I didn’t really want him to, but it was his decision, so I laid there and was good while he did.  When he took them off, my paws were red and white (little white patches in places), and oddly, they felt both hot and cold at the same time.  I’m sure it was a circulation thing, because I sort of felt my hands starting to go to sleep a couple times, but I didn’t care to have my paws off, and wasn’t bothered enough to tell Master I was losing feeling in my paws.  I liked the hot/cold sensation too.

While we did play and have a lot of fun, and while my paws did make me feel more like a kitty, I didn’t really hit as deep of a kitty head space as I usually do.  I wound up talking like a child, but in third person, like I do when I hit sub space, but I still got an immense amount of enjoyment from the session nonetheless.

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    1. @Shelby Cross Aww, thanks! 🙂 The real kitty is a good sport. She humors me for wanting to be more like her, but mostly, she just sits off in the corner and stares at me like: “What is UP with this crazy Hooman?!”

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