Bruises From The Weekend

Left Thigh Day One
Right Thigh Day One
Right Thigh Day 2
Left Thigh Day 2
Left Thigh Day 2

There were a couple more marks on my breasts, thighs, and butt, although they weren’t as noticeable.  I’m sort of surprised I wound up with this many bruises at all, because my skin doesn’t mark as well as it used to.  (Practise, practise!)  In the picture that says “Right Thigh Day 2”, you see those red circles?  You want to know what made them?  Bizarrely, quarters!  Master had tried someone’s home made paddle on me, which was made of duct tape and quarters.  It didn’t really hurt, (and so, said person lent Master his Evil Stick, which resulted in that red line beneath the quarter marks), but anyway, after a few minutes big red welts started to pop up.  The marks are still present as I type this.  Crazy!  It always surprises me when I get a mark and I’m not in that much pain, like with the quarters.  Neat, though.

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