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Boot Black Kit

I’ve always enjoyed polishing and blacking Master’s boots when given the opportunity to do so.  I remember the first time he ever showed me what to do, what polishes to use, what to do with the brush, how to buff them to a beautiful shine..  But, I’ve never really seen a bootblacking until recently (aside from seeing people getting their boots blacked in passing at a convention or something), and I’ve never really heard anyone else tell how they like to do it.

I did have the opportunity to watch a demo of a boot blacking, and it inspired me muchly.  There is so much to learn about being a Boot Black, that I don’t know if I’ll ever get there, but I’m very, very excited to learn more now.  Master even went out and bought me my own little bootblack “kit”.  It’s just a small tool box, and some polish and brushes, and a lighter, and some china pencils.  Still, this is something that I have really come to be inspired by.

A few days after the bootblack demo I saw, I sat down with a small pair of my own leather shoes.  In my opinion, better to fuck my own shoes up than to fuck Master’s up, yes?  I was ready to practise all the tricks and tips I learned.  Truthfully, the first pair of shoes I did weren’t too bad off, though, a little shine never hurt anyone, yes?

Before – Front
After – Front

It’s kind of difficult to see the difference in the transformation between the before and after pictures of these shoes, but I think that’s the lighting.  They were mildly dirty and a bit on the dull side before I set about with my new techniques, and after the new techniques, they were much shinier and black.

Before – Side View
After – Side View

I think that it is the most difficult to see the difference in the side views, but it is there, if you look.  In person, it’s pretty obvious, but sometimes the camera doesn’t show you everything you wish it did.

Master is thrilled about my recent excitement to learn as much as I can about bootblacking.  He’s talking about trying to find a local class or two to attend, and I’m excited about the idea.  We’ll keep our eyes peeled at any rate, and you bet I’ll be talking about this a lot on my blog.  Master has told me that he wants to set aside a little bit of time every week for me and him to work on boot blacking together, meaning, while he is wearing the boots, and not just me off in my corner alone with them.  I’m excited because I love the idea of shining his boots each week so that when he walks into work they look gorgeous and well-kept.  I love service, and not just sexual service.  Being able to do this small thing for him is wonderful!  I am looking forward to learning so much more.


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