First Bootblack Experience With Master

Washing Master’s Boots

I’ve blacked boots before, though not with as many tools as I now have, and not with as much knowledge as I now have.  There is absolutely a lot more for me to learn, but I look forward to working on the skills I have now.  Master was actually almost naked when he decided we were going to work on some bootblacking.  In order to give me a closer to real experience, he put pants and socks on with his boots.  That way I could work on things like keeping his pants out of the way, and avoiding socks.

Buffing Master’s Boot


We took our time, since we were in no rush.  it actually took me an entire hour to do Master’s boots.  I applied two coats of polish to the boots, and I had a really nice time.  This was the first time that I’d ever blacked boots that someone was wearing, and it was a lot more difficult than it normally is.  I found that I had to sort of hunch over in uncomfortable positions here and there, and in the future we’re going to work on my body mechanics while I’m doing this.  It’s sometimes hard to figure out how to reach this or that without crouching or bending improperly.

Presenting The Fire


For my first time?  Master thought I did reasonably well.  I did miss a small patch on his shoe which was buffed after he got his boot off.  Bad kitty.  I also forgot to ask him if he’d like me to lick his right boot.  I had finished the whole thing before I realized, and I was a sad kitty.  Master reminded me there was still one other boot.

Licking Master’s Left Boot

Seeing as how it was my first time giving Master service in this manner, I had to remind myself that mistakes were imminent and you can’t be perfect at this sort of thing overnight.  Still, I was bummed.  I wanted to impress Master so much.  I know it sounds fruity, but success really is in the journey.  What fun would life be if we were all perfect at everything the first time?

I think he enjoyed when I was buffing the boot most.  It makes the tittes go all jiggly, you know.  I get a lot of joy out of the entire experience.  I really loved the feel of the polish on my fingers, and the smell of the saddle soap and polish.  I enjoyed doing something for Master that he will think about all day at work, even if he’s not thinking about sex.

Finished Boots


Even though I made a couple of mistakes, I thought that Master’s boots looked really lovely at the end of the session.  I am proud of myself, and I look forward to practice next week.

6 thoughts on “First Bootblack Experience With Master

  1. Again, so much love oozing from pictures and text. I know my comments are repetitive but, you are so soothing to read. Keep going, adorable kitty 🙂

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