Temporary Glitches

I get a lot of comments from people in person (even family) and some emails now and then online about how I’m always injured or sick in some way.  It’s true, I’m a smidgen fragile.  I honestly deal with medical problems on a frequent basis, and I don’t post nearly the amount of crap I have to deal with on a daily basis.  Sometimes when I’m talking with a friend or potential play partner I hear the following, ugly little sentence:

“Well then, what can you do?”

To be honest with you, I hate that question.  It’s typically said by rather uncreative people who are just too stuck in their methods to switch things up.  Every time I play with Master is different.  It’s true that he often has to work around injuries, but as far as conditions..  No.  He doesn’t really work differently due to my low blood pressure, epilepsy, the fact that I injure easily, or anything else.

Master and me both fully and completely accept that some of the things we do can and sometimes do result in injury or illness for a temporary amount of time.  I fully understand that there can sometimes be severe consequences of some of the things that we do.  I knowingly and joyfully accept that.

Recently, I posted about having Costochondritis.  This is a temporary, and completely benign (meaning it won’t cause any damage to me in the long term) condition, though it can be quite painful.  If you want to know what I think probably caused this, I would say it would likely be the fact that Master and me partake in lots of punching and what we call “knuckling”.  I’ve talked about it before, but knuckling is where Master will rub his knuckles up and down my sternum.  It’s incredibly painful, and it never leaves a bruise either, which makes it rather discreet.  The masochist in me loves this, and Master loves watching me squirm helplessly as he bears down into my tender sternum.  Costochondritis is inflammation of the sternum which makes it difficult to breathe.  Could it be caused by something other than the knuckling?  I’m sure.  Would I want to stop the knuckling once the Costochondritis goes away?  Hell no!  The closeness and fun that I get out of the activity is well worth the risk in my and Master’s opinion.  Though, I do wish there was a way I could bypass the swollen sternum.  It takes forever to heal.  Still, to me, worth it.  Does it suck at the time?  Sure!  It’s scary at first when you can’t breathe and you’re not sure why.  Still, it will go away on its own as long as I am careful and take my aspirin.  No serious harm done.

In the meantime, we’ve curtailed the knuckling and breast sex until my sternum heals up.  Makes sense to both of us, and will mean more fun time for those types of play sooner.

Injuries come and go.  Last year I had an knee injury, and then I had a hamstring tear.  Those things sucked, but Master always, always found a way for us to play.  The types of play we enjoy are so diverse, that if we can’t do one type, there are literally at least ten more than we can enjoy.  Neither of us feels badly about the situation, and it works out just fine.  My hamstring is healed now, my knee couldn’t be better.

I broke a bone in my foot back in March.  I’m sure a lot of people would have just not played with me until I got out of the boot.  What fun is there in that though?  The boot kept my foot stable, and we found ways to elevate it while we played.  It was awesome.  The bone hasn’t healed yet, and I can’t say that’s the fault of our play.  We kept my foot in the boot, elevated, and even taped an ice pack on right over the boot!  We did everything right.  If I broke my foot again, would I happily play with Master?  You bet!

Usually, when I get hurt, there are positions I can’t hold for one reason or another.  For example, I can’t be on tip toe right now, because my foot is too fragile.  Just because I can’t be on tip toe, can’t jump, and can’t stand on that foot alone (single footed) doesn’t mean there’s not a hundred other positions we can do.

I get injured a lot?  So what?  It’s just temporary.  A year from now (with fingers crossed) my foot will be fixed and everything will be back as it was.  Maybe there will be a new injury to be careful of.  Maybe there won’t.  There are times when Master and me play and I have absolutely no injuries, you know.

The most important thing to Master and me, isn’t that I get hurt sometimes.  It’s that I don’t use my injuries as an excuse to not get shit done.  E.G.  If you hurt your foot, there’s nothing wrong with your wrists, you can still fold laundry.  If I’m on my period and Master doesn’t want to fuck my bloody cunt, my mouth is still available for his use.  There is always, always, always a way to do almost anything.  Sometimes you have to sit on the sidelines temporarily, but those are just temporary glitches.  They aren’t long lasting issues.

Whether or not I’m going through a rough patch physically, I’m glad that Master is my primary partner.  He is creative, thoughtful, cruel, intelligent, and all around awesome.  If having a broken foot, or a sprained wrist means that you can’t think of how I could be of service to you (whether or not we’re inside or outside the bedroom) then you’re not worthy of my service, anyway.

15 thoughts on “Temporary Glitches

  1. Here, here! I’m a clutz and am constantly hurting myself. I have obesity related pains and issues that always have to be worked around. If someone can’t find a way to play then that’s their problem not mine! KnyghtMare always works around my current level of clutziness injury 😛

  2. I is a clutz too, heck im over 6 foot, and like to be barefoot as much as possible, this can lead to all sorts of little injurys, and thanks to my diabetis i also need to pay close attention to these as they heal on my feet and legs, Recently i took a tumble down our stairs, not bad but im scraped up and sore.

  3. Kitty,

    Here’s the thing that i’ve admired about you and your ability to overcome and adapt to your current issues. No matter what’s going on with you, to me, it always seems like you and your M always seem to “rise above it”, if you will. Not only that, even though you are somewhat injury pron, you are seriously into pain and it’s a bit of an oxymoron.

    i just love your zest for life and the fact that you’re kinda living on the edge, if you get hurt, you know that you can always count on your M to take care of you, through thick and thin… period.

    You guys are amazing and i love ya tons!!! <3

    1. @Master Dream’s Precious Treasure Thanks Hon! You know, it’s not usually the pain from the injuries that gets to me, usually injures get to me when they get so bad that I’m incapable of doing something I love. (Like my foot, not letting me walk). The pain is usually not even the issue, but a lot of people think it’s silly that I like pain, but hate getting hurt. I know I’m silly regardless.

      ::BUG HUGS TO YOU!::

  4. “Well then, what can you do?”

    These people can fuck directly off. I’d hate to hear what they think of *gasp* someone with a disability having sex. Jeez.

    In regard to your injuries, I will say they do not ever take away from my enjoyment of your blog. In fact, I think you’re positive attitude is awesome and the kinky sex post ratio seems to always stay constant 🙂

  5. i have MS, and due to skin sensitivity and non-stop neuropathic pain in my abdomen (among other things), my Master (and husband of 9 years) and I have been unable to “scene”. For more than 4 years. We still live D/s 24/7 TPE, where His word is, of course, law. it has been bothering me a lot, because i am a bit of a pain slut, and miss subspace and the intimacy, but He does not want to add to what I already suffer. i found your blog a few days ago, and have gone back and read every entry. i wanted to thank you, because, like you, i don’t want to ask for things, because i feel… selfish… unworthy… something. Like I am failing. But last night i sucked it up and talked to Him about it. While he still is against the idea of inflicting “good pain” on top of my ever-present “bad pain” we both acknowledged that we need more than what we currently have, and have begun to formulate some options and solutions. He never wanted to bring it up, because He did not want me to feel bad about limitations I have no control over. So… thank you.

    1. @tina ::Big Hugs:: to you. That really sounds like you’re both dealing with a lot, but I am so happy that you have your Master, and he sounds absolutely amazing. You really are so lucky to have someone so great there taking care of you. I’m so happy that you are both coming to terms with the fact that you want and need something better and are both going to work towards it. MS sounds so difficult. I wish you so much luck in your journey.

      1. Thank you so much, Lady MacManus. i am definitely going to share this with Master, because, as i told Master, there is some pain i can’t choose, but there is other pain that i crave… especially since the “good pain” zone does not overlap with where my chronic pain is. This article has given me ideas, and i’m hoping to apply them soon to end the nearly 5 year drought, as soon as i manage to have a “good day”. The plus side is that unlike 75% of established relationships where one person is diagnosed with a degenerative disease, my husband and Master has stood by my side, gone to every dr appointment, and been willing to make his “demands” for my service reasonable and attainable for my physical state. Of course, it takes a lot of honest communication on my part to keep him informed, but that has been a requirement for our entire 12 year relationship, even before we had met to start our offline relationship. i finally feel like i can manage to get is back to what we both need and crave.

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