Humiliation And Hog Ties

Cupping Set

We bought a (AFF) cupping set recently, but only did a couple things with it in passing.  Master was really eager to use the set on me, and recently told me to get it for play.  He also had me get some rope, and he did a quick and dirty hogtie (so as to have more time to play).

Everything was going pretty smoothly and fun, although Master said that my injured foot looked really purple (it has terrible circulation at the moment), and to tell him if it got tingly or anything.  Luckily, even though it looked a bit purple I could feel his fingers just fine and there was no actual tingling with it, so we kept on going.

Master did a lot of things.  Some gentle caresses, some smacks with the (AFF) Vampire Gloves on, some spanking, etc.  At one point, he got the cupping set out, and I was pretty aware of the fact that he was putting them on me.  Depending on where the cups wound up (He put them on at their tightest settings and randomly changed their locations on my body after several minutes) they felt more or less pinchy, more or less painful, but they all had a lot more suction to them than any suction devices we’d previously tried.  I liked the feeling.  I had a blindfold on, and was mainly experiencing sensations as I wasn’t fully inside my head.  And then, for some reason, I began to feel very humiliated.

Cupping Hog Tie

I have some black (AFF) nipple suckers that I’ve used before, and they stick straight out from the nipple.  Those humiliated me the moment I laid eyes on them, even if they did feel pretty good.  But, as time goes on Master and me look for more intense suction devices, and we’ve found them. 

It’s not the suction itself, but more the look of these that humiliates me.  For some reason, they make me think of Mario plants, or Spongebob flowers.  That didn’t bother me at all when they weren’t on me, in fact, that sort of endeared them to me more than I thought they would.  But somehow, when they were all over my body that is when I started to feel humiliated.  Not that we stopped or anything.  I like being humiliated, so this was a pleasant surprise.  You never know where you’ll find humiliation.  For me, it can sometimes be in the strangest places.  We’ll just see how long it takes my brain to adapt to this one.  Nothing humiliates me permanently.

Purple Mark

And now, actually, I’ve got a dark purple circle on my left shoulder.  It’s not really noticeable for the most part in public (90% of my tops and dresses cover it), but it is a bit humiliating when I wear something that doesn’t cover it up.  True, most people won’t know what it is.  Further, I wear hickeys all the time and everyone knows what those are.  Still, who really knows why our brains work the way they do?

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