We don’t really do quickies.  I don’t think that either Master or me really oppose them, but we just live alone and there very rarely seems to be any real reason to rush things.  This particular little “quickie” really snuck up on me, and I had no clue it was coming.  Actually, I was drinking a cocktail, and the alcohol had really caught up with me.  There wasn’t a lot of liquor in it, only about a shot and a half, but I don’t drink very often, so it sort of hit me.  Master put me in his chair, and told me to play Mario for a bit.  We were actually expecting a friend to come over in a half hour, and I was guzzling water to try to take some of the drunk effects out of my system.  I was totally immersed in my Mario and water binge, and I didn’t really expect Master to suddenly tell me to take off my panties, but he did.

“Take off your panties.”

“But we won’t have enough time!”  I eyed the clock a bit nervously.  I was drunk and worried about sobering up in time for a visit, let alone play too.

“Take off your panties.”

So, I did.  I took off my panties, and hitched my skirt up around my belly button.  And, there was Master handing me a Hitachi while he inserted two lubed fingers into my cunt and began to play with my g-spot.  I felt him biting my nipples hard, with his teeth, and using his free hand to pinch and torment my other nipple.  It was rushy, and crazy for me.  I wasn’t used to being forced to just cum like that, and I was nervous we wouldn’t be done in time.  Master let me put my hand on the control device for the Hitachi, and I kept turning the thing up and down because I felt that being drunk made it sometimes feel more or less intense.

I came, reasonably quickly (considering I was tipsy), and I finished with about fifteen minutes to spare since our guest had been a bit late that night.  Our friend showed up, and I felt a bit dirty.  Not that the play itself was super dirty, but just dirty because I had come only a few minutes earlier.  It also felt like a rush, and so much fun!  I hope Master plays with me like that again sometime.

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