Rope Practice

Sometimes, Master Pravus will have “rope practice” sessions where he will follow rope instructions step by step from a book to learn new ties.  I, of course, enjoy being a guinea pig for new rope ties and get all sorts of enjoyment out of being tied with rope, even if it doesn’t always lead to anything sexual.  Sex is always fun, of course, but for me, my favorite part of doing things with Master Pravus is the feeling of closeness I get with him.  Master Pravus liked this tie enough that he decided he wanted to take pictures.  I thought I’d share them here:

Front View, I kind Of Like How The Lighting Turned Out All Golden.

If you’re wondering, Master Pravus deliberately tied my legs somewhat loosely to help me maintain my balance while he stepped away and took pictures of his work.  Because the ropes were somewhat loose around my legs, I had about two inches of rope slack.  I jokingly decided to try to “run away” moving only miniscule amounts at a time.  He laughed, and just put his hand on the back of the harness, grabbing the ropes there, and preventing me from going anywhere.  (Not that I was going anywhere, anyway.)  It was so funny.

Closer Up View Of The Front
From The Back
Side View

My favorite thing about the rope harness was how it incorporated my arms.  I couldn’t move them at all.  I also really just liked how my whole upper body felt “hugged” by the ropes.  I love that nice sharp rope bite telling me I’m not going anywhere.  If I could change anything about the harness, I would probably just have secured my legs better.  Though, I completely understand why Master Pravus didn’t want to, so I could stand up more balanced.  Truth be told, I was a little bit wobbly in this one, even though my legs were tied somewhat loosely.  I kept sort of rocking back and fourth by accident, and having to be very aware of what my muscles were doing.  It was a fun endurance challenge.

Rope tie is from this book.

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