Serenade Sunday

Serenade Action Shot

It’s a little bit blurry, but shit!  Look at that height!  Awesome!  You want to know what she’s in the air trying to catch?  You won’t believe it, but..  Cheerios!  My little one goes bonkers for Cheerios.  She will chase them all across the floor if you throw them to her.  She’ll even jump and pounce and roll around.  It is totally adorable.  And then watching her crunch them up is sooo cute.  I love how my little one is such a health food junky, like me.  She’ll eat seaweed, and miso soup, and Cheerios, and pretzels, and SPINACH!  🙂  So cute.

2 thoughts on “Serenade Sunday

  1. That is adorable! 🙂 We haven’t been feeding Frank any human food as we think it may make him stop being as good as he has been because with the exception of one other cat it has happened to every cat we have taken in.

    1. @Noba You know, it’s odd, but Serenade doesn’t really like all the sort of “junk food” that other kitties we’ve had have liked. I don’t mind feeding her some Cheerios or seaweed, but we keep it to a minimum. It’s not a daily thing. 🙂

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