Alcohol – A Rant

It’s really annoying to me that each and every time Master offers me a drink, or I ask Master if I can have a drink, how many people then scold me on my drinking.

“Oh, drinking isn’t lady like!”

“Drinking is juvenile!”

“Drinking means you have low self-esteem.”

“You should never need a drink to relax.”

Blah, blah, blah.  On, and on.  I have no idea what makes so many people get up on their high horses about someone or something that doesn’t affect them at all.  For starters:  I don’t give a fuck if drinking is lady like.  Master enjoys me a lot when I drink.  I enjoy the feeling of being a bit tipsy.  I’ve also never let myself get to a point where I was so drunk I got physically sick.  I’m not saying that can’t happen to even the best of us, but I do pay close attention to my body, and it’s never happened to me yet.  Further, I drink so infrequently.  Honestly, I go months without a drink, and then I’ll go a week and have maybe three or four drinks.  I don’t drink several drinks in a row, I space everything out with plenty of water, and I don’t get drunk in public.

Do I get silly when I drink?  Sure.  Hell, sometimes I even wear knee pads when I’m home and drinking lots so I don’t wake up with rug burns.  Bear in mind, that for me, drinking two or three drinks (generally for a party) is what I consider drinking “lots”.

I know that many people have had their lives touched in a bad way by drunk drivers, or violent drunks, or even have all sorts of other bad alcohol stories.  There is a smart and responsible way to enjoy alcohol though, and a couple of drinks now and then never hurt anyone.  We’ve been in car accidents before and I’ve come home and had a cocktail.  Oh, no!  I used alcohol to “relax”!  One of the most dreaded ways to “drink”.  Fuck you.  I don’t need alcohol every day or every week.  Alcohol is a drug, and I get that, but not everyone behaves poorly or can’t control their actions when they drink.

I will say that I have never, ever gotten into a car even the least little bit tipsy, and attempted to drive anywhere.  One of us is always the designated driver, and as Master is pre-diabetic, he doesn’t drink, so it’s usually him.  If you get into a car and drive when you’re even slightly buzzed, then I have no respect for you.  You wait until you’re feeling sober enough to drive, or you take a taxi.  PLAN to take a taxi, even, or just stay home or at a friend’s house.  Short of causing severe problems (can’t stop drinking, drinking is taking over your life, you use it to cope with everything, you find yourself addicted) I honestly can’t find the problem with a grown adult enjoying liquor responsibly.

What my anger boils down to is this: if you’re not being harmed by my drinking alcohol, if I’m not driving drunk (I would NEVER), if you don’t live anywhere near me, and likely will never even see me drunk:

FUCK OFF, and save your speeches for someone who gives a fuck.  ‘Cause that person isn’t me.

15 thoughts on “Alcohol – A Rant

  1. It makes people feel better about themselves to treat you like an alcoholic. I have a family member that pushes me to drink with her and i do not because she wants me to get trashed. But if i drink a shot with my friend and she finds out she treats me like an alcoholic. It gets annoying having every one have an opinion on how you should live your life and label you as something your not. If only she knew me for who i really was.

    1. @Kat Oh, that is a very good point. One of those points that are completely true, yet so unfortunate that it is true. >.< Most things I do, other people constantly lecture me on, but this is something that really actually bothers me. Like you said, it's possible to drink and NOT be an alcoholic, so it's just frustrating to me that if I have one drink, nope, I'm somehow an irresponsible adult. >.< Grr.

  2. Kitty,
    That’s the tough thing about putting our lives out here on display, no matter what we do or how careful we are, there is always going to be someone who is so jealous, they’ll pick you apart. In your case Kitty, people wanna be you and they can’t stand to think that you’re able to take a drink once in a while and then put it down again. i know you’re aware of what an amazing life you’ve got and so are all your fans. Sometimes it’s easier for people to be mean than it is to be happy for someone who has an amazing life. That’s what i see happening here.

    i love your life, i love how you live it and i couldn’t be happier for you and your Master, watching you have the time of your life together gives me the happies! =c) If everyone else could be that happy for you, you might never get another negative comment again. People need to be mean though. /shrug <3

    1. @Treasure Oh, Treasure. I do know that you’re right. People lecture me on all sorts of things, all the time, I guess thing one just pushes my buttons more than most, you know? 🙂 It just felt good to get it out of my system.

      Hmm, people want to be me, you say? ::evil grin:: I’m not sure they realize what they’re asking for. Heh. (Especially since that would involve drinking). Oh don’t mind me, I’m just feeling a bit silly. 🙂 Mew mew! *HUGS*

  3. I love your point and I think, from what I’ve read, you drink responsibly. I have nothing against alcohol if it’s handled in a responsible way and isn’t something you “need” in life. Alcohol can have some positive effects on our lives – I used to be really shy around my coworkers, even in our night’s out where we’d hang out for hours. So, put a drink or two in me and I’m much more at ease. It helped me settle in and bond in a way I never could. Go ahead and drink away, I think you’ve earned it.

    1. @Bi_and_Bi Thanks for that. I totally agree that alcohol can have a positive affect on people, as well as negative ones. I’ve always been a bit hyper, but drinking liquor helps me to relax a bit, not that I use it for that often, but it is nice now and then.

  4. I find this judgement VERY annoying. I’m a 27 year old successful Project Manager in a great relationship. I also drink wine THREE OR FOUR TIME EVERY WEEK!!! I drink to relax, I drink because I like the taste, I drink because I like getting silly, I drink because I like to have sex while drunk.

    I never drink and drive or make an ass of myself in public. Honestly, that’s where everyone’s right to judge (other than my SO’s) ends completely. Even if I do need booze to have fun, which I don’t, why do they have the right to give a shit?

    This sounds just like fat shaming to me in that people are making unfair judgements, about things that are not their business, under the guise of concern.

    1. @Nikki I agree, I think it is very annoying. And honestly, even if you had a drink every day of the week I wouldn’t consider you an alcoholic. To me, an alcoholic is someone who can only function when they have alcohol, or someone who has had their lives ruined by alcohol. One or two drinks a day is not going to do that, or kill a person, I don’t think.

  5. I think it’s interesting because I get the opposite comments. I rarely drink and I don’t really like to and have never actually been drunk. However, when I tell people this, especially living in a big college town, peopele think I’m strange. I must be a prude, a stick in the mud, and not like fun at all. I’m often told I should try it just once to see if I like it (to which my usual repose is telling them they should try being gay, they might like it). It’s very frustrating because I am a very responsible person but it’s bad to be responsible and not go get trashed every weekend.

    1. @Lucid Obsession Where I live, for some reason (because I don’t live in a college town) people seem to (mainly) drink to have fun! My gawd, it’s like there is nothing else in the whole world to do with their time except for drink! >.< If you don't like or want to drink, then there's no reason for you to do it just because the herd is calling you. Sorry people are harassing you.

  6. Great post
    One thing I’ll add is ‘everyone’ assumes people lie about their alcohol consumption. Just like most people look at my deathfat self and assume I ate 3x more than whatever I just said I did or ‘forgot’ to mention the 2 cupcakes I just had to have eaten. Overall, the assumption is that people vastly underreport frequency and quanity of alcohol consumption so they make jackass comments based on their wildly inflated impressions. Not that their comments would be polite or appropriate even if you were underestimating.

    1. @Lada MacManus That is a good point, and one that I didn’t think about (mainly because I really am not a frequent drinker, and I never really see the need to exaggerate frequency of anything). Another thing that I’ll add that you will likely be one of the few to understand, is that when my POTS is acute (like right now, where I’m going through a lot of fainting and low blood pressure crap) I cannot drink at all, because that will obviously fuck with my internal wiring.

      I hate that people assume that you are (in your own words) deathfat because you are “hiding” food you eat from them. >:( People can be insensitive dickheads. I’m sorry.

      1. I also think you’re the type of person who believes others until given reson not to on most subjects so it just wouldn’t occur to you.

        Oh yeah, when your CNS is being twitchy there’s no sense whatsoever in making it worse.

        Thanks. I don’t generally take it personally at this point. Society can be pretty fubar. Luckily I’ve found individuals who aren’t. 😉

        1. @Lada MacManus Yep, that’s me. I’ve always believed in giving others the benefit of the doubt, and I always trust them until/unless they give me reason not to. On the flip side, if they wind up lying to me or breaking my trust, then they probably won’t earn my trust back again. I’m just difficult that way.

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