Mini Mouse

Balloon Mousie

Master decided to take me out for pizza.  It was Friday night, and we were both super hungry.  We get our pizza, and sit down and just start chatting and laughing, like we usually do.  Out of the corner of my eye, I notice that a balloon twister has entered the restaurant.  There is a woman balloon twister who usually finds her way to nearly every restaurant Master and me frequent, and she’s a bit rude, I think.  The first time Master asked her for a balloon animal, she bluntly refused us, saying that she was there “for the kids”.  I was so heartbroken that I had to hold back tears, because I was so excited that Master wanted to get me a balloon (I hadn’t asked him for one), and her blatant refusal (along with some other stressors at the time) had made me really sad.  The next time we saw said balloon lady, she (clearly feeling a little bit bad) walked right over to me, and started twisting a princess crown for me.  I was really excited.  Since then, I’ve seen her several times, and only about a third of them has she been willing to twist balloons for me.  Usually she reminds me that she’s “supposed to be just for the kids”.  (Though, we always tip her, and not all the kids do!)  And also, I’ve seen her twist for people my age and older, and so it’s a bit hurtful that she skips me so often.

The balloon twister who entered the restaurant this evening happened to be a male, and he was very happy and joking with the customers.  However, because of my bad experience with the other balloon lady, I tried not to make eye contact and kept eating my pizza.  I got up to refill Master’s drink when he told me to, and as I returned to the table, the balloon guy was making his way over to our table, and said:

“I can’t pass this one up!”  Looking straight at me!

He had a St.baldric’s pin on, and we chatted about how I’d donated my hair to children’s cancer many times in the past, though usually it has been in one-foot increments.  He seemed even happier that he’d come by our table, and we just giggled and laughed, and it was really nice.  When he finished twisting a balloon animal for me, he showed me that he’d made me a little mousie!  I was totally beyond stoked!

Side View

It was such a sweet and fun gesture that it really, really made my day.  Sometimes it is hard to have a little mindset at times, and be a “big kid” instead of typical adult, and have people turn you down for things that are small and fun, like the balloon lady.  Master was really glad that this guy was willing to make me a balloon animal, and we both decided that if the other balloon lady decides to offer me a balloon animal again (because she’s having a slow day!) then we are not going to give her our business anymore.  We’ll stick with people who are happy to have support from kids of all ages.  I hope we see more of this guy.  It was really awesome, and my little mousie is still kicking!

5 thoughts on “Mini Mouse

  1. That’s really adorable!~ I also love doing kiddie stuff like getting my face painted and recieving lollipops and stickers when people are giving them away at events. It definitely doesn’t feel good to get turned down as an adult cause it really does take confidence to ask for these things. I’m glad this guy was super friendly. We’re you wearing your kitty ears when he made you the mousie?

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