Four Coats

Master decided we were going to watch a movie, and I had set up a little bootblacking station for myself.  I had planned on working on a pair of my own boots, actually, but Master said he was envious of the shine that I got on my Maryjane shoes a couple of days ago, and wanted me to re-do his work boots.  I agreed, and since we were watching the back half of a Lord Of The Rings film, I decided I was going to see how many coats of polish I could put on his shoes.  When I sat in front of them, I noticed that they still looked really great from the last time I had polished them.  They had a softer shine than in my previous pictures, but there were no scuff marks or anything there.  Still, if Master wanted shinier boots, I would try my best.

I went through the entire thing as normal: washed them, buffed them, applied several coats of polish.  I managed to get an entire four coats on each boot.  Considering the cleaning, that means I worked over each boot five times, in one and a half hours.  For me, that is pretty good.  I am getting a bit more speedy the more I practise.  Still, I am more focused on doing a good job than globbing on fifteen coats of polish just to say I did that many.  Anyway, so four coats is my current record for layers of polish on a boot.  I’m all proud of myself.  I’m a bit sad I didn’t manage to get any before pictures this time, but I didn’t think they would come out this good.  Anyway, here’s the after shot:


Master’s Work Boots

You could actually see your reflection in them pretty well, which was amazing!  Sadly, the boots don’t look nearly as shiny in my picture as they do in real life, but you can definitely tell that these babies are shiny!  Here’s a link to the first time I did bootblacking with Master, so that you can get an idea of how much shinier they are this time.  Though sadly, the pictures don’t do the boots justice as I’ve said already.

What did I do differently than normal this time?

Well, I used the Korean polish we bought, and I didn’t flame it.  I know each person will get different results, and I’m not yet sure if it is the fact that I don’t flame the polish or that it is a different brand than my Kiwi, but I think I’ve noticed a higher shine with my Korean polish.  I am thinking that in the future, I’m going to keep one tin of Kiwi polish for flaming as well as the first coat, and buy another one for the remaining coats which I do not flame.  Every boot black will get different results, but I think I am finding that if you burn the polish that too much of the oils burn off and you get less shine.  Is that true?  I don’t know, it’s just the way that I’m experiencing things at the moment.  More practise will tell me one way or the other, I’m sure.

I also didn’t lick the boots.  I was actually in the middle of drinking a Red Queen while I worked on these.  (A Red Queen is my own version of a Bloody Mary, sans liquor.  Also, I really hate the name Bloody Mary.  It grosses me out.  Sue Me.)  I have read that you shouldn’t lick boots if you’re eating or drinking anything other than water, because the acids in the food can wreak havok on the leather.  Is it true or not?  I don’t know, but it makes sense to me, so I personally chose to obstain.  Also, this might just be a me-thing..  But I personally just find that it is less fun to lick boots which are not on a person.  I like licking boots as much as the next guy, but it’s not the same to me if no one is wearing them.  ::sigh::

Which leads me to the next thing I did a bit different.  I actually did these at a table, as opposed to with Master wearing them.  I was nursing a very minor back injury, and Master didn’t want me to tweak things further because I’ll definitely heal a lot faster if I just leave the stupid injury alone.  So, I did these on a table.  It would have been the floor, like usual..  But the floor had a table in the middle of the way which Master happened to want out, so there I was.

I’m really pleased with how well these came out, and I’m now looking forward to my final pair of boots which have not been blacked at all.  I saved them for last mainly because they have a heel on them, so until I get my surgery and my stitches out, I can’t wear them anyway.  Still, I look forward to improving on their appearance.


4 thoughts on “Four Coats

  1. You what I like the most about your new boot blacking hobby? It’s simultaneously an act of service, a hobby and something that lets you buy fun/cute accessories (shoe polish) that aren’t expensive.

    Rock it! You make this seem fun.

    1. @Nikki Ooh, that is exactly why I like it too! The service aspect is so so appealing to me, and I can make a huge difference in Master’s day to day just by this one simple act. Plus, you’re right, a $5 can of shoe polish lasts a while and costs less than $5. Though, there’s lots of accessories and it’s easy to get carried away with your kit. 🙂

  2. Master swears by Lincoln brand polish for what it’s worth. It’s oil shine not wax. We can’t get it locally so atm we have Tarrago which isn’t Lincoln but is much better than Kiwi in his opinion.
    Sadly, he won’t trust me to do his shoes. Similar to making coffee, he knows he’s just incredibly finicky and I’d never do it well enough no matter what.

    1. @Lada MacManus Thanks for the tip. I’ve heard good things about Lincoln, though Mr. Bootblack 2011 says that Kiwi works awesome for him, so I’m not too picky at the moment. Of course, I’ve also only been doing this for a short while, so we’ll see.

      Sorry he won’t let you do his shoes. 🙁 That would make me sad, but, I’d be worried about your wrists personally! I worry about you a lot though, and I know that my hands hurt if I have to hold Master’s boots for too long, so I worry about yours. But, I hope you know I mean that with lots of love. ::HUGS::

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