Sad Panda

Due to some absolute medical bull crap, I’m being forced to put my foot surgery on hold in the short term.  I’m feeling all sorts of things:

Frustrated: Because I just want my stupid foot to be better already.

Annoyed:  That my body sucks so hard.

Relieved:  That I don’t have to go through with this right this second, because as positive as I’m being, anesthesia still scares me.  (Sue me.  I’ve never had anesthesia before, and it does scare me somewhat).

Guilty:  That I feel relieved that I get a couple more weeks between me and the surgery (even though it wasn’t my fault).

We talked to the doctor though, and we’re still hoping to do the surgery when I’m feeling a bit better.  I know the surgery is the best option, but I guess in the meanwhile I just have to deal with my gimpy foot for a little longer.

2 thoughts on “Sad Panda

  1. oh no, don’t feel guilty! 🙂 it’s only two weeks, they’ll be gone sooner than you think. And your body is a very nice body, I guess it has its flaws 🙂

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