Happy Birthday Serenade

Serenade’s First Picture
One Year Old!

It is hard to imagine that Serenade is a year old, though, she hasn’t been with us that long.  She’s only been with us for ten months, but in that time, it is hard to imagine what life was like before Serenade.  Since I have never had a kitten, I have nothing to really compare the experience with, she’s my first.  It has been interesting to say the least!  She is cute, funny, smart, and very, very energetic!  Well, when she’s not sleeping, and she sure does sleep a lot more often than most other kitties I’ve ever seen.  I’m thinking she’s going to grow out of that, a bit anyway.

She likes to snuggle, but only if she comes and lays on you, and don’t you dare even think of patting her while she’s there.

As she’s gotten older, it has become more and more difficult to trim her nails, because she doesn’t want to have them trimmed.  I almost miss when she was tiny and would let us trim them while she slept.  Of course, now she seems to prefer sleeping in her little perch, and it’s hard to reach up there.

She bites still, but it’s much more rare.  Thank you cat pheromone collar!

She’s slowly but surely learning to get along with Sabrina, which is wonderful to see.

Her tail is out of control.  HUGE!

She loves to jump and chase.

Now that she’s a year old, she’ll be getting her first cat nip toy soon!  I’m excited to celebrate her first milestone with her.  Happy Birthday, Serenade!  I love you to bits! <3

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