Serenade Sunday – Birthday Party Edition

Serenade’s First Catnip

This past Wednesday was Serenade’s first birthday!  You aren’t supposed to give kittens catnip, so we waited until she was one year old.  We had purchased this hard ball of catnip, and were hoping that she’d love it.  We put the ball in the middle of the floor and walked away, waiting for the (hopefully) fun to begin.

Sabrina was actually the first to smell the catnip.  She loves catnip, but we made sure to pack all the catnip toys up until Serenade was a year old.  Poor Sabrina couldn’t get her “fix” for ten months!  (We got Serenade when she was eight weeks old, remember.)  Sabrina usually goes batshit insane with catnip, for a couple of minutes, and then she sort of lays there drooling out her mouth in a pleasant, happy little “high”, it looks like.

Serenade couldn’t be as easy as that now, could she?  Well, it was her birthday, and anyway, it wouldn’t be fair for me to make judgements when I didn’t behave too good when I first had liquor.  ::Cough::  Anyway!  Serenade..

On ‘nip

She sommersaulted, she pounced, she stretched..  She did everything she could to get closer and closer to the catnip.  She tried to bite the ball a couple of times, but she didn’t manage to get any off the ball.  (It was a dried ball of catnip, so nothing really flakes off it.  It’s pretty solid too).  She snuggled up to it, tried to kick it with her back paws, and otherwise went coo coo bananas.

She’s Got It Bad

I took a bath, she followed and was more hyper than I’d seen her in a long time.  Master tells me that some cats get crazy when they use catnip, unlike other cats I’d seen who get a bit hyper and then mellow out and droll all over themselves.  (Like Samantha and Sabrina always did).  So cute.

Did she like it?  Yeah, I think Serenade’s birthday was a hit.  One year old!  Now she can eat regular kitty food instead of kitten formula, and she can use ‘nip!  My little baby’s growing up. <3

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