How To Relax Your Master

Step 1:  First, you have to like sucking cock.  This is mandatory.  If you don’t like sucking cock, it’ll be obvious and your plan will be blown.

Step 2:  You have to like sucking cock so much that you are literally sitting around making a wet mess in your panties fantasizing about sucking your Master’s cock.

Step 3:  Your Master must be in need of relaxation.  This should be pretty simple to tell, you know him, after all.

Step 4:  Close the door behind you when you go into the dungeon, and put on something slutty.  Perhaps your black fluffy petticoat and a skimpy little fishnet top?  Yes, that’ll do nicely.

Step 5:  Open the door, and walk over to your Master, where he will likely perk up instantaneously when he senses your intent.

Step 6: Move to the futon, if he prefers, and give him pillows with which to prop himself up and be comfortable.

Step 7:

Step 7

Will it work for you?  Fuck if I know.  All I know is that Master came home tired from work, and yet he put me in his chair with the Wii.  He put Tomba on for me, and told me to relax.  Then, he started cleaning.  You guys don’t know this about Master, but when he’s cleaning he’s stressed out about something.  Naturally, good kitty did her best to perk up her Master, and with great success.

I had not actually intended to cum that night.  I had nestled within Master’s lap and just spent all my attention on making him as aroused and relaxed as could be.  It’s funny, but, I honestly don’t initiate things like this too often, for a few reasons: For one: it never seems my place.  And, for two: I’m always somehow worried that because I instigate a blow job or something that Master will assume I am being a selfish little bitch whore and the only reason I am doing it is to get an orgasm in return.  Not so.  I actually really enjoy stewing in my panties while Master gets his cookie.  Orgasms are fun and I love them for sure!  But, being aroused feels very nice too.  You won’t hear any complaints from me purely because I do not get an orgasm.

I Love This Shot. Just Two Aroused Bodies Completely Tangled Up In Each Other.


After several minutes worth of slow cock sucking, Master told me to get him some gloves so that he could finger fuck my tight pink little cunt while I took my time with his cock.  I had not expected this.  He was pretty exhausted before my little instigation, and I really was more than happy to just give him one really nice blowjob with no attention to me at all.  Still, I wasn’t about to argue with Master, and I got him his gloves.

I continued to suck away on his cock and after several more minutes, my jaw started to hurt.  In a fit of crazy craziness, I tried to unroll the condom onto his cock with my teeth, but he’s too girthy for that and I wound up cheating somewhat with my paws.  Oh well.  I climbed on top of his cock, my pussy dripping in small rivulets from Master’s skilled g-spotting, and slowly began to ease his dick inside of me.  Master felt inspired and, clearly more awake than he was before all this, began to rough my breasts and nipples up most painfully.  I began to rock my hips.

Master’s View

Somewhere along the line, Master took a couple of pictures and video clips.  (The clips won’t be posted, sorry).  I’ve shared a couple of pictures.  We both had an immense amount of fun, and, oddly, when we both came Master said he wasn’t tired anymore.  Heh.  Also: he just laid beneath me panting for quite a while, not moving.  That rarely happens when we play.  He just doesn’t get that out of breath..  And I was doing most of the “work”, if you can call riding a hot dick “work”.  We both took showers, and then Master settled in front of the TV to play some video games, while I settled into my chores.

And, all was right with the world once again.

3 thoughts on “How To Relax Your Master

  1. Love it! My SO seems to prefer a handjob when he’s tired/stressed. I like to just pet him and jerk him off.

    Question –

    Are gloves a common occurrence when you do manual play? I’ve not tried them but it seems interesting.

    1. @Nikki Ooh, I do love a nice finger fuck. Handjobs are fun too. 🙂

      We don’t always use gloves. We usually just use them when Master’s planning on fingering me, because nails can be jagged, etc, and we’ve always just thought it’s better to use gloves internally. Helps prevent the cunt fron getting scraped up. For external stuff, we don’t usually use them.

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