Looking In

  *     *     *

I am tired.  I am nestled into Master’s lap, and he’s trying to make me smile.  I am not unhappy by any means, I just had a long and tiring day, and I am not feeling perky.

“Whisper sweet nothings in my ear.”  He tells me.

“I love you more than anyone else in the whole world.  You smell amazing.  I love that thing you do with your fingers.  I love the feel of your hard dick inside me, stretching my inside places.”

Master grins and looks over at me.

“You’re smiling now, you know.”

He has such a good effect on me, especially when he calls my attention to him in subtle or silly ways.

*     *     *

“Tell me about your day.”

I laugh.  I always follow that up with a silly line from Futurama, before actually telling him about my day.  Always.

“Well, first I got up, and I had a piece of toast…”

Before I could actually tell him about my day, he reaches out next to him, and grabs my wrist instead of my hand.  We’re in public, and we’re walking from the grocery store to the car with our purchases.  The subtlety of the gesture is not lost on me.  He’s done it before, and it’s something I really love.  I  melt inside.  I do not remember what I was going to say next.  I always falter a little bit around those I find attractive.  Around Master?  I may as well glue my foot permanently in my mouth.

*     *     *

Gawd, I love this man so very much.

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