Used Napkin

Used Napkin

After Master was done playing with me, he got up to towel off, and then he came back to remove my restraints.  I laid there, on the sheets, perfectly at peace and not really wanting to go anywhere.  (Though, of course I would if Master told me to).  Master had done a lot of choking that night.  Not breath play, I could breathe just fine.  Choking.  I kept seeing stars, and I was sure a couple of times I was going to actually faint.  Though, I didn’t, because Master kept backing off.  When Master chokes me like that, or does breath play with me, I guess I get a bit spacier after we’re done playing, though even if we don’t do those things I get a bit floaty anyway.  I’m not sure if it was because of the choking, or what, but Master didn’t want to leave me alone that night.

“Are you OK, Kitty?”

“Yes Master.”

“I want to take a shower, but I don’t want to leave you alone.  I want to make sure you’re OK.  Are you OK?”

“Yes, Master.”  And that time, I smiled and giggled a little bit.  “I just am really floaty and happy.”

“You remind me of a used napkin.”


And, he took a picture of me, sprawled out on the futon.  He told me I should post it with the caption “Used Napkin.”  Somehow, that seemed dirtier and a bit more humiliating than being a cum dump or a cum rag.  I liked it.  After he took his picture, he went off to take his shower, and I slowly peeled myself off of the futon and plunked myself down into the bath tub.

::Purr purr::

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