Edge Dressing

Edge Dressing

On my quest to learn as much as I can about Bootblacking, Master Pravus recently brought me to a local shoe repair shop so that we could search for that illusive navy shoe polish.  While we were there, we got navy shoe polish as well as a bottle of Angelus Edge Dressing.  Master Pravus was ever so eager for me to use it on the soles of his work boots (I can’t use it on his Docs because they are a different color).  I had been curious about edge dressing myself, and wanted to experiment with it.

Pre Edge Dressing

Here’s a shot of Master Pravus’ boots pre-edge dressing.  I was really excited to use this stuff, since I’d never used it before.  The bottle said you should put it around the sole, but also that you could use it to refinish the shoe should you desire.  For Master Pravus’ work boots, he just wanted the sole of his shoe re-done.  As you can see, it was looking a bit crummy pre-treatment.

Post Edge Dressing

In the post-treatment, the boot is looking good as new!  Wow!  That stuff really makes things look nice.  I probably have enough to do a hundred boots, since you need so very little product.  Master Pravus and me are both very pleased with the result.  As the bottle did say you could use the Edge Dressing as a complete boot refinish, I decided to do some experimenting on a pair of shoes that I really do not like.  Yep, the Mary Jane shoes are making a reappearance.

Edge Dressing As A Refinish

I didn’t take a pre-picture this time, because they looked the same as in this post before I did anything.  But WOW!  Once the Edge Dressing dried, they looked almost patent!  They are so shiny!  They are even more shiny in person, because naturally the camera won’t capture the shine just right.  I still think you can tell a noticeable difference.  They are just gorgeous.

I did have some issues with the dressing though.  For starters, the edge dressing comes with a poof ball on the inside of the bottle.  This is very convenient for application around the base of a shoe or boot.  However, if I chose to refinish another pair of shoes or boots with this stuff again, I would make sure to perhaps buy a sponge brush or something similar first.  The poof ball had a lot of stray hairs coming off of it, which, as I said, didn’t present a problem for small areas of shoe, but if you’re using the ball a lot all over a shoe, then yes, it becomes an issue quick.  I kept having to stop and pick little hairs out of the finish (and one of them I didn’t notice until after it partially dried, and when I peeled it off, it left a little indent, so I had to go over the entire shoe again to make it look even!  Hrumph).

Master Pravus keeps saying that he is so lucky that I am interested in bootblacking and am making the effort to make his boots and shoes look nice.  I think I am the lucky one, because he indulges my interest.

<3  ::Purrumble:: <3

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    1. @treasure Yep! I do have small feet. In women’s sizes I’m a 5.5, but in kid’s shoes (that shoe you see is a child’s shoe) I’m a four or a four and a half, depending on brand. 🙂 Crazy, huh? And without any foot binding, even.

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