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Wild Side Sex is a book written by Midori, who is well known in the kink world.  I have recently read one other book by her, and I was most eager to get my hands on this one.  I was eager to read Midori’s take on various topics, and see a vast collection of her work, all in one convenient place.

After recently seeing a presentation by Midori, I found that the book read just the same way she speaks, which was highly entertaining and fun filled.  The topics in the book range from very basic beginner topics to advanced topics.  The book contains the following essays, articles, and advice columns:

  • Acknowledgements and Intro
  • Why SM? 2001
  • Public Sex 1999
  • Pain, Pleasure, Dominance and Submission 2001
  • Modern Chivalry 2000
  • Ritual, Ceremony, and Protocol in SM 2002
  • The Heart Of Erotic Humiliation 2000
  • The Essential Domme 2002
  • The Sexual Turn On Of Objectifying Women 2003
  • Wrong Reasons to do SM 2003
  • Kink State Of The Union 2003
  • Trust, Vulnerability, and SM/Ds Part 1 2000
  • Trust, Vulnerability, and SM/Ds Part 2 2000
  • Trust, Vulnerability, and SM/Ds Part 3 2000
  • Aftercare: Healing Better To Play Harder 2003
  • Chastity: Process Of Discovering Pleasure In Power 2000
  • Pussy Play For Control
  • Pleasures Of Rope Bondage 2002
  • Measure Of A Perv 2002
  • How To Look Cool… With Hardcore Perverts 2002
  • Is Your Prospect A Proper Pervert? 1997
  • Fetish VS Fetish/Kink Explained 2005
  • Fetishists Explained 2003
  • Fetishism: Sex, Romance, and Ritual 2000
  • Contemplation Of Fetish and the Pursuit Of Our Objects Of Desire 1998
  • Sex Life Of Midori’s Feet 1999
  • Allure Of Femme 2000
  • Mirror, Mirror 2000
  • Pleasure In Dressing 2002
  • Those Fetish Wearin’ Freaks 2002
  • Getting Lucky At Fetish Parties 2002
  • Fetish and Erotic Photography 2002
  • Confessions of a Fetishist 2001
  • How to Get into SM Online
  • Advice for a Traveling Kinkster
  • Nipple Clamps and Pumps
  • Wax Play
  • Whipping and Flogging
  • Bullwhips
  • Spanking and Corporal Punishment
  • Gags
  • Hoods
  • Japanese Bondage
  • Stocks
  • Medical Scenes and Nurse Fantasies
  • Electrical
  • How to be a Dominatrix
  • Sex Slave
  • Letters to Slave Hopefuls

As you can see, Midori covers quite a few topics, from very basic “What’s _____ kink, and how do I get started with it?”  All the way to complicated trust patterns and relationships.  She discusses quite a few of her essays from a femme domme point of view, but I don’t think it matters whether or not you are male or female.  Her advice to new dom/mes and experienced dom/mes can be read by either gender.  The things she has to say are important and apply no matter what your genitals look like.  While she has a lot of serious things to say, she presents them in a fun and erotic way, and it is a joy to read.

I also really enjoyed how her book doesn’t read like a book of safety precautions.  There are a few things which she mentions are or aren’t good ideas, but she never flat out tells you what to do.  Midori uses to power of suggestion to simply say “you can do this, or not, and the result will likely be..”  I love how she leaves it up to the reader to decide what is or isn’t a good idea.  After all, this is your life, and your relationship.  So many books about kink are very safety oriented.  I do think safety is paramount, but at the same time, I think we’ve all been bludgeoned over the head with many a safety warning, and it is nice to just read about a topic without a bunch of red tape.

As a side note, Wild Side Sex is a great book, but if you are new to kink then you may need to seek out additional sources before you try something new for the first time.  Midori does not go into very much how-to depth on any one particular topic, but she does give you enough to whet your appetite and make you hungry for more.  For me, I think the book was most helpful in learning about some of the psychological aspects of kink which I honestly had never thought about.

Midori also has a very unique perspective to add to the kink community.  The way she sees certain topics made me sit up and just say “Yes!”  Sometimes it can be hard to put exactly what you’re feeling into words, but Midori does it beautifully.

I think my favorite essay was her Letter to Slave Hopefuls.  In it, she discusses how a slave should act.  She talk about how she won’t put up with brattiness, and about how her slaves exist purely to please her.  She mentions that, as her slave your job is to do everything possible to make her life better.  That you will learn how to take care of her things, and serve her in the ways that she wants to be served.  Everyone’s relationships are different, of course, but I absolutely adore this about Midori.  Master and me are very similar in that I do not choose when and where scenes, play, and even relaxation time for myself will take place.  So many people get the impression that slavehood is all about being tied up and pleasured constantly.  It isn’t.  It is so much more than that, and reading her essay I don’t think I stopped nodding the entire time.

There are so many interesting and worthy articles in this book.  This is one book that I do honestly believe that every kinkster need own, whether advanced or beginner.  There truly is a little something for everyone.  I’m giving the book five paws.Thank you so very much, GoodVibes, for allowing me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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