Foot Surgery – Take 2

I’ve been able to be loads more active lately, and as a result, I’m fainting and feeling sick a lot less.  So, in order to get my life back up to speed, we’ve rescheduled the surgery on my foot.  As you can see, the vast majority of my blog posts have been about sex.  With my foot the way it is, that’s about the only thing we’ve been doing on the weekends.  That, and simple little service things (like bootblacking, which there have also been posts about), and just relaxing and chores.  It isn’t as though I don’t like doing those things, but chores don’t really seem worthy of a blog post.  Blog aside, there are a lot of things I’ve missed out on this year:  our trip to Mt. Evans, Slut Walk, Hiking in general, and possibly pumpkin picking depending on how my foot is doing in October.  I just feel like I’m unable to do most of the little field trips that Master and me love to do, and field trips aside, I want to be able to jump and skip again.  Small things?  Maybe, but it is my life, and I want the best use of my foot possible.  I still marvel at the fact that a tiny little mishap could take this long to heal and be such a royal pain in the rear.

So, my surgery is currently set for September 17th at 6AM.  Master is hoping to get the entire week off of work, not because of my foot specifically, but also because he’s got a lot of vacation time to use up.  It’ll be nice to have him home when I’m recovering, though, according to the doctor I should be able to walk immediately.

To be honest, I’m really nervous about this whole situation, and it’s probably for different reasons than you’re thinking.  I’m not exactly worried that anything will go wrong with the surgery.  Of course, that is always a possibility, but that’s not my concern.  My real concern is that I have no clue at all what’s going on!  When Master called to make the second appointment, he double checked with the receptionist that Novocaine wouldn’t be used on me, since I can’t handle local anesthesia.  Of course, the receptionist had to get back to me (she’s not the Dr. after all), and she called us back and said:

“It’s a good thing you told us you can’t handle local anesthesia!  (The doctor) was going to use locals, and you were going to be awake the whole time.  We’ll change it to general anesthesia.”


Really now?

What on EARTH were we paying for an anesthesiologist for to begin with?  A fucking dentist can administer locals, why not a podiatrist?  And..  If it was local anesthesia initially, then why did they tell me not to eat twelve hours before my appointment?  I mean really.  I’ve had locals and eaten with nary a problem.  Someone has a wire crossed somewhere.  I don’t know.  Each time I call the doctor, or get a call from the surgery center, a nurse, etc, everyone has something different to tell me.  This isn’t fucking brain surgery.  It’s a very, very minor procedure, and the part that makes me nervous is that no one has their story straight.  I’m nervous about trusting people with my care who have no clue what is going on at all.

The doctor we’re seeing came very highly recommended by my GP, and also by my physical therapist.  Master trusts him, and we’re sticking with him for those reasons.  Still.  I think I should stop picking up the phone when docs and nurses call.  No one can give me a straight answer about anything, and everyone is telling me something different.  It’s maddening.

Well, there’s nothing to do for the moment, but wait.  The surgery itself is in three weeks, and I’m sure everything is going to go fine.  It’s such a minor procedure, my only real wish is that someone would tell me straight what is going to happen.  I seriously have no clue.  I guess I’m going in blind, but as I said, the surgery is so minor, I think it’d be pretty hard to fuck up.

Fingers crossed.

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