Master’s Little Gamer Kitten


Oh what a silly post this’ll be.  See, a couple weeks ago, Master downloaded the Homebrew channel on our Wii, and he started downloading emulators.  He asked me if there were any games from when I was a kid that I wanted to play.

“Eco Saurus!”  I said.

“Oregon Trail!”  I said.

“Kirby’s Avalanche!”  I said.

“Anything else?”  Master asks.

I am a kitty of simple needs.  Those were really it.  So, I go about my business (chores, etc), and Master suddenly gets excited and starts setting up a “kitty nest” on his chair.  He puts me in said chair, and proceeds to put on Eco Saurus for me!  HA!  I was so excited.  Of course I dove right in and started playing.  Out of nowhere, I see Master grab the camera faster than a flash and start capturing pictures of me on camera.

“I love you so so much!”  He tells me.


“My kitty is playing DOS games, and loves it!  You are the best kittygirl ever!”  He tells me.

Oh yes.  See, I actually work hard to practise tea bagging my fist so that I can get Master’s balls all the way in the mouth, but no..  This.  THIS is what makes him love me forever.

Maybe I should spend more time on video games, and less time spit-shining his shoes, ya?  Of course, the minute I do that, he’ll be sad his shoes aren’t shiny.  Still, I love my Master so much.  My geeky, fun, silly Master.  ::Purr::

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