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OK, that picture is a little dark, but it was taken at night on Master’s iPhone, so it’s actually pretty decent.

Anyway, picture aside, Master told me last September (right before we moved) that he wanted me to teach him to sew!  He says he was inspired by Project Runway (I used to watch that show a lot, though it’s been a while), and he wants to learn.  I was only too eager to teach him.  We went out to a local craft store and he picked out a pattern for something he wanted to make me (it is much easier to make women’s clothes than men’s, though he’s got plans for things he wants to make himself too, once he acquires some skills.

We took the pattern home, I taught him how to cut it out, what all the markings on the pattern meant, etc, and we were both eager to continue.  Unfortunately, last September was very close to our last move, and we had to pack everything up.  In fact, it wasn’t until a couple months ago that we even unpacked our sewing machine, or many of my bigger sewing supplies.  We still have a lot to unpack, even though we moved here almost a year ago.

While hanging out with a friend (we’ll call her S), she mentioned that she wanted to make tutus.  Master and me were excited by the prospect, too, so we ran out to the local fabric store with S, and picked up tutu making supplies.  A couple weeks later, we found ourselves sprawling out on the living room floor making tutus, and Master was excited to help.  I showed him how to measure and cut the fabric.  I taught him how to thread a sewing machine.  I taught him how to make a casing to pass the elastic through, and how how to close up the tutu on the machine.  He didn’t want me to do any of it.  ::Giggle::  He kept batting me away, eager and excited for the finished product.  It was really cool.

I often don’t think about the fact that I do have some skills that Master doesn’t.  He told me as a kid he always wanted to learn to sew, but his Mom wouldn’t teach him.  (His Mom admits that she was worried he would put a needle through his finger.  Master is the eager sort, but he’s also a bit accident prone).  I’m more than happy to teach him!

In the picture above, the tutu we made together is actually the red top layer.  I’m wearing three tutus in that shot.  The more the fluffier, yes?  And then I twirled around the apartment staring dreamily at the dancing pole wishing I could climb and spin on it with my tutu.  Soon enough.  =^.~=  Still!  A tutu was a great starting point:  simple, easy to make, and now he is even more excited for that dress that we bought the pattern for a while back!  Woo!

6 thoughts on “Teaching Master

  1. Sooo cute!! Once I start going to PT and regaining better use of my hands Fang says she’ll teach me how to sew so I can start doing my own cosplays. *squee!*

  2. Yay!
    Too bad Master isn’t into ruffles or other poofy garments or I’d try to make one.
    I need to draft a PJ pant pattern for him based on his fav pair that is about defunct. That will be my first sewing project. Can’t do anything simple, can I? Lol.
    Thank goodness for YT sewing vids.

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