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For the longest time, we kept all of our condoms in a “Cat Proof” tin lunch box that Master had from back before I met him.  It’s cute and all, but as time goes on, we found that its bulkiness didn’t lend to easy access at play time, and we wound up leaving our condoms in a bowl on top of a dresser (but, too high up for the cats to reach).  While the bowl method worked just fine, we found that we wanted to have the condoms displayed a little less obviously, and in a classier way.  I had looked at a lot of the condom storage devices on EdenFantasys, and I hadn’t really seen one I liked, until recently. The Black Condom Cube was small, cute, and seemed like it would fit in well with our decor.

View From Top Next To Condom For Size

The condom cube didn’t come with any fancy packaging, just a simple plastic bag to keep it clean on its travels.  I simply threw this bag out, it isn’t reusable.

The box is small.  We liked our first one so much that we purchased a second one, to keep by the bed in the bedroom, should we have any desire to actually have sex there.  (We have the vast majority of our fun in our dungeon).  The best part about the design of the box is that it is small and discreet.  On a quick glance around your room, someone may see this and think “jewellry box” or something similar.  They wouldn’t have any idea it was a condom box unless they picked it up and opened it.  (What nosy guests!)  The box itself measures 2.75″ X 2.75″ X 2.75″.

Condom Cube, Open

Here’s a shot of the cube open.  You can see that I have nine condoms in our cube at the moment.  I can fit up to twelve if I squeeze them in, but I find that for me personally (and the brand we use) that ten condoms works best.  I have the condoms shown in the picture with their edges poking up.  You could also store your condoms lying completely flat if you’d prefer, but I think they are harder to get out that way.

Condom Cube Side Stitching And Logo

As you can see in my pictures, the condom cube has gorgeous white stitching all around its edges.  This is a lovely accent, and I really like the look of it.  The box also has “DevineToys” stamped on the side with the DevineToys logo.  It isn’t very noticable unless you’re looking though, because the logo is not stamped in a different color.

The condom cube black is made of faux leather.  If you happen to get it dirty, you can wash it with a cloth that has been dampened with warm water and mild soap.  Do not soak or otherwise submerge the cube, or you could damage it.  The faux leather looks very lovely, and no one would know it isn’t real leather at first sight.  It is gorgeous and should be lovely in most decors.

We both absolutely love our condom cubes, and are giving it 5 paws:

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Storage box with magnetic lid that allows for easy access. This little box fits up to six condoms.Discreet box that stores 6 condoms.Magnetic box to discreetly store condoms.

The condom cube was not given to me in exchange for a review.  It is part of our personal collection that we chose to review.

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