The Great Hairbrush Famine Of 2012

It’s like this: I have faults, lots of them in fact.  While a lot of my little foibles are being worked out of me, I still have hung on to a few of them.  Not on purpose..  It’s just that old habits die hard.  One of the things I consistently have a hard time with is always knowing where my hair brush is.  I brush my hair a lot..  When I first wake up, in between cam shows, before and after I go to a pool or hot tub, before and after sex.  I think a lot of people brush their hair a lot, and don’t really think about it.  The problem is, I’m always putting my hair brush down somewhere wrong.  Not just wrong, but somewhere that I’ve really lost it.  Most of the time I find it within about four or five minutes, but sometimes it takes too long, and Master helps me find it.

The other night was one of those such nights.  Master was playing Skyrim, and he told me to go take my bath.  Five minutes later, I was still not in the bathtub; not out of disobedience, but rather, because I couldn’t find my hair brush.  Five minutes after that, I still had not found my brush and Master got up to help me look.  We looked for an additional twenty minutes before I eventually found it underneath a blanket on the massage table.  I really, truly, have no idea how it got there, but it must have happened when I was changing the table linens, obviously.  It was such an obnoxious place to leave it, and such a pain in the ass to find, that my bathroom now looks like this:


Yup..  Master put a nail in the wall, and told me that I had to put a string through the base of the brush to hang it.  Realizing we had a lot of lanyards from various conventions, I found one thin enough to put through the hole in the brush and there it is.  It’s up to me to make sure that I put it back on the nail no matter what, as soon as I’m done using it.


Honestly, I find this to be one of the most humiliating things we’ve done so far, purely because it shows that I can’t be trusted even to lord over a stupid inanimate hair brush.

Work.  I need more of it.  >.<



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