Making Plans

Things have been going along pretty well over here.  Master recently realized that he has a lot of vacation time due to be used up, so he decided to take the week of my surgery off.  It isn’t as though I’ll need to be taken care of or anything like that, but he thought since I’ll have a bit of down time it would be nice to spend it together.  I agree, of course.  But then, I’m always happy when Master gets time off of work.  So, it’ll be another “staycation” for us.  People always think it is silly that Master takes vacation time when we’re not planning on going anywhere.  I think it’s silly to let the vacation time go to waste.  Besides, staying at home, fucking and playing video games?  Yeah.  Yeah that sounds just wonderful.

Master also booked a hotel and bought our tickets to go to Sin In The City!  We’ve been planning on going ever since we heard about it, and are using our collaring anniversary (ten years on the 23rd of that month) as an “excuse” to go.  Not that we really need one, but it doesn’t hurt.  Master’s Mom recently decided she wanted to change our Vegas meet-up to the second week in March, and we decided we’re just going to stay in Vegas (at a different hotel) for the time after the convention and before we see Master’s Mom.  Eleven days!  I’m pretty excited right now, because I’ve never, ever been to Vegas, and being there with Master for eleven days sounds pretty fucking amazing.  There is so much we both want to do, and I’m excited to go!  Master says it is all he can think about lately.  Unfortunately, it is six months away, so we do have some time to think about it.  Hee hee!

We didn’t get to go on a vacation last year, and actually, the last real vacation we took together was to go to Florida a year or two before we actually moved here.  It has been a while.  Sure, we’ve gone back home for visits, but to be honest, that’s not exactly “restful” or anything even remotely close, so we’re both eager for our nice long Vegas vacation.  My Mom is so jealous of our upcoming Vegas plans.  She loves Las Vegas so much, but things are really bad for her financially, and she told me she’s sure she’ll never get back there again.  We promised to take lots of pictures for her though.

Master told me that when we go to Las Vegas, with the exception of the convention (where you never really have time to sleep or eat enough) he wants me to blog each day we’re there, so I’m sure that I will.  Whee!  Booking the hotel and buying passes to the convention have made it so real for us.  We’re both super excited and I’m not sure Vegas can come fast enough.


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