Intimate Yoga For Couples

Intimate Yoga For Couples

Master and me both love Yoga, in part because we both are quite flexible, and in part because we both find it to be a great workout.  We love Yoga so much, that we have even made a couple of Yoga postures more partner friendly on our own.  We enjoy stretching with each other, and find it to be a fun activity.  Recently, I was contacted by and they offered to send me the book Intimate Yoga for Couples by Mishabae to review.  I was thrilled at the opportunity and gladly accepted.

I had never worked with TheAdultToyShoppe before, and I was pleasantly surprised by just how quickly the book arrived.  It arrived in plain packaging, so my neighbors were none the wiser.

What you get out of this book will depend entirely upon what Yoga means to you.  A lot of people practise Yoga for its meditative qualities.  Others, like myself, practise Yoga for its strength, balance, and flexibility training, and couldn’t give two hoots about meditating during Yoga.  The book is focused on a more traditional Yoga practise, including meditation, chakras, and creating sacred space.  Before I did any of the postures in the book, I read the whole thing cover to cover, (Always a good idea, before you jump into something and find yourself stuck in a position you can’t get out of), and found it to be very informative.

There are several chapters:

  • Chapter 1.  Inward Spiral – Self Care.
  • Chapter 2.  Sanctuary – Setting The Scene.
  • Chapter 3.  Opening Salutation/Meditation – Honoring One Another.  Recognition.
  • Chapter 4.  Pranayamas – A Sensual Point Of View.
  • Chapter 5.  Basic Meditation. – Clearing The Head And Heart.
  • Chapter 6.  Getting Physical – Postures For Self-Study.
  • Chapter 7.  Partnered Postures – Building Touch And Energy.
  • Chapter 8.  The Chakras – Experienced Through Meditation, Yoga Postures, and Intimate Chakra Massage.
  • Chapter 9.  Life In Balance – Postures, Breathing, Massage, And Sexual Practises For Total Well Being.
  • Chapter 10.  Sex As Good Medicine – The Healing Power Of Pleasure.
  • Chapter 11.  Romantic Flow Of Sexual Postures – Stimulating Special Pleasure Zones.
  • Chapter 12.  The Art Of After – A Few Thoughts To Follow Love Making.

Whether or not you’ve been practising Yoga for a long time, or are just getting started, this is a great book for you.  Those who have never done Yoga before will find plenty of detailed, easy to understand information to gently guide you on your Yoga journey.  There are chapters which can be done alone, and there are chapters which you need a partner to do.  The book is 159 pages long, and it has beautiful, thick pages with gorgeous color photos.

A Page Sample

The majority of the book is about creating a personal, calm space for you and your partner to share intimacy.  Each chapter contains many different “routines” that you can do (sometimes alone, and sometimes with a partner) that will help the two of you get closer physically and intimately, and develop a stronger connection.

In the back of the book, there are a couple of sections on combining some Yoga postures in the bedroom for actual sex.  Master and me love Yoga, but we have been enjoying the intimacy of stretching and strengthening using Yoga postures, but have kept our Yoga outside of the bedroom.  What you do with the poses and postures in the book is largely up to you.  You can do Yoga in a traditional, meditative state alone or with a partner, or you can simply use the modified positions as another great way to enjoy each other’s company or enhance your sex life.  For us, the book has been a fabulous way to connect intimately on a level that is different and deeper than sex alone.  Though, you won’t see me complaining about sex any time soon.

One slightly negative thing about the book?  Overall I think it is a fabulous and sex-positive book (it is nice to see a book encouraging sex instead of bashing it), though I do wish the book was a bit less hetero-centric.  There are only male-female couples in the book, which is a downer.  However, the postures will all still work no matter your orientation.  I did really enjoy that there were a few interracial couples.  I love seeing diversity like that.

Overall, I thought that the book was a fun read, and even more fun to use together with Master.  We both loved doing more combined stretches and postures together, and eagerly look forward to using the book some more.  I’m giving it four flexible paws.If you’re interested in getting your own Intimate Yoga For Couples Book, please go here, and check it out:

Thank you so much, TheAdultToyShoppe, for allowing me to try out this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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