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We are starting our Staycation today at 3:30PM!  (Yes, we’re both counting down the time until it starts).  Admittedly, when I look at the pictures Master Pravus took of me to put up on this post, I keep thinking to myself “Gawd, I look so tired.”  Well, if I look tired in that picture, it’s because I am.  My stomach has been bothering me all week, and is taking its sweet time getting back up to scratch.  I’m definitely getting better, but still, it’s bothering me a lot.  I nearly fainted the other day when we were out running an errand, too.  Being sick always makes me so fainty, thus why Master Pravus jokingly says I am his little “fainting goat“.  Hmm, I think I might need better nicknames.

Anyway, while our staycation is going on, Master Pravus has given me permission to temporarily not blog.  I’m not entirely sure how much Internet time I’ll have, because, in our relationship – the more time Master Pravus is home, the less Internet time I am granted.  It isn’t that Master Pravus doesn’t want me to be online, it’s just that when he’s home I’m normally too busy tending to his needs (quite happily, I might add) than I am surfing Neopets.  Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to get pictures of all the most fun parts of our Staycation, and I’ll blog about it all when Master Pravus goes back to work.  =^^=

In the meantime, my Surgery is this coming Monday.  I’m not nervous about it, though I’m guessing the morning of I likely will be more nervous.  It’s just human nature.  I’ve never experienced anesthesia and I have a lot of things that could complicate it.  Still, we were able to talk to someone on the phone who made a note of the most serious parts of my medical history on my chart so they could pair me up with the best anesthesiologist for my medical situation.  Also, the anesthesiologist is going to call me the night before to further allay my fears.

I won’t be blogging during the staycation, but I will definitely update this particular post near the bottom in italics as soon as I’m feeling well enough after the surgery to let you guys know I’m doing OK!  You can alsoo follow Master Pravus’ Twitter if you want to, because I am certain he’ll be tweeting the day of the surgery.  That’s just how he rolls.

As far as other things going on during our staycation, the Mewtique will still be up.  Custom and regular orders still gladly accepted.  We’re not going out of state or anything, so Master Pravus saw no real reason to put the Mewtique on hold.  I probably won’t be camming, but, one of Master Pravus’ work mates broke his femur really severely, and it’s possible Master Pravus may have to interrupt his staycation to go in a few times this week.  If he does, I will most likely be (xxx) camming, as I always work when he does.  We’re hoping Master Pravus won’t have to go in, but if he does, I will too.  Though, I think I like camming a bit more than Master likes his job, but I guess that’s neither here nor there.  =^.~=

I will still tweet from time to time, I’ll still respond to comments placed on my blog, but, from tomorrow (the 15th) to Sunday (the 23rd), there will be no new blogs.  I wish you all a lovely time from now until then!  We are very much looking forward to all this extra time together.  ::Purr::  We really both need a rest, and what better way than together?  <3

Edited to add:  The surgery went great!  All is well! 

14 thoughts on “Staycation 2012

    1. @Master Dream’s Precious treasure Thank you so much Hon! It is nice to be missed. =^.~= We’ll be back sooner than you think though. I really appreciate the happy surgery thoughts. I’m actually completely relaxed still which is a good sign, I think. Panick = bad.

      ::Hugest hugs::

  1. Big kitty hugs and good juju! You got this! Just make sure your voice is heard by the anesthesiologist and worries are addressed both over the phone and that day of. Its good to be the squeaky wheel when it comes to your health.

    Enjoy this time to recharge the batteries. you and Master deserve it.

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