Happy Anniversary

The 15th was the anniversary of our collaring (read: wedding).  It’s hard to believe it’s been four years.  I feel like we’ve been married longer, in a good way though.  It’s just hard to remember a time without Master in my life, and I am so grateful for that.  A few minutes before midnight just before our anniversary, I gave Master his present.  I had got him Two Knotty Boys:  Showing You The Ropes, because he already had the sequel.  (We like to do things backwards ’round here).  He loved the sequel so I thought he’d like the book a lot.  He really did!  He spent a lot of time the next day just sitting reading and scheming.  <3  So much awesome.

Master had to go in to work briefly that day, so I went on cam for a couple of hours.  Neither of us were too eager to go to work that day.  Not because we’re lazy, but because it was our anniversary, so of all the days for us to not be able to be together, that one was just the worst.  When Master got home from work, we decided to go out for lunch at the Moonlight Diner.  We had stopped in on the Moonlight Diner on our way home from Thunder In The Mountains this past year, and we both loved it and were excited to go and visit it again.

At the diner Master ordered me a chai tea (delicious!), and he got some mozzarella sticks (which are the best ones we’ve found so far since moving to Colorado).  He got himself a steak and cheese sub, and he got me a veggie lover pizza with no cheese.  It was all delicious and we were both very happy.

On the way home, we stopped off to Lowe’s to buy a new lighting set up for the dungeon.  I cam in there, and the lighting I’ve been using for about three years now is so hot and icky.  Once we picked up our new lights, we headed on back to our place…  For fun!

Red Bum and Rope

The first thing Master did was to tie my tits.  We didn’t wind up getting a picture from the front this time, but he tied me with sisal so it was nice and scratchy.  I enjoy the feeling of sisal rope a lot, and I found myself taking (or trying to take) extra deep breaths so that I could feel the extra scratchiness of the rope biting into me even better.  He put me across his lap and told me he loved the feeling of the sisal on his thighs because it reminded him that my tits were right there.  I enjoy the intimacy of an over-the-knee position, but it’s not something we do all that often, though I think we both enjoy it.

The rope felt really wonderful, but it did make it difficult for me to move a whole lot.  Eventually, Master had me lay flat on the futon, and he put my red ball gag loosely in my mouth (as in, he didn’t buckle it), when he doesn’t buckle the gag it makes it work to hold in, and it’s very harsh on my jaw to clamp that tightly.  I am unsure how long I had the gag in my mouth that night (it was most of the session), but the next day, all of my teeth ached, and my jaw was soo stiff.  It was wonderful.

Once Master had me on the bed, he beat me a lot, switching back and fourth from the paddle to the two thick canes we have.  I really enjoyed this a lot, but Master held back a lot, because I was having surgery in only a couple of days, and he didn’t want me to have to explain striping or bruises on my ass.  We really had enough medical problems to worry about, without freaking out about bruises at the surgery center.  I had wanted him to beat me longer and harder, and it was obvious he wanted the same thing, but he promised when I was done with the surgery we could have a “take 2”.  ::Happy Purr::

I’m Not Even Sure How Master Shot This! ::Giggle::

One of the most fun parts of sex for me is seeing the pictures later, because I honestly don’t know what the toys Master used are at the time – most of the time.  For example, in the above picture, I remember being fucked with some sort of toy, and I remember feeling the Hitachi, but I honestly had no clue at the time that he was using the Dick Stick, or that he was using his foot to adjust the Hitachi.  Mmmm.  I think those pics he got are just so hot.  Plus, it’s sort of humiliating to know that he was using his foot to masturbate me.  <3

We did have a really fun session

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