Kisses And Hugs

Master Pravus shocks me with just how sweet he is sometimes.  The Friday of our vacation, a package showed up for him.  He hadn’t told me he was expecting a package, but he doesn’t always either.  Still, I was curious, and when I came home, I asked him what was in the package.

“A secret.”  He told me.  “And, don’t try to weedle it out of me!”

So I didn’t.  But, I was curious.  He told me that when it was time for the contents of the box to be revealed, then they would be.  That only made me more curious.  Still.  I was very good and didn’t try to open it, or actually, to even touch it.  Not that I had a lot of time to worry about the box.  We were always busy that weekend, and it seemed like there was always something I needed to do.  Weekends are always busy for us lately.

Anyway, I had put the box out of my mind, and the Saturday before my surgery, after my bath, Master Pravus told me to go in the bedroom and look under my pillow.  Rosie was sitting on top of my baby blanket, and under my baby blanket was a package.  I noticed a card, and I opened it first.  It was very sweet.  <3  After the card, I took the ribbon off the package and started playing with it.  Kitties love ribbons.  =^^=  Master Pravus had come into the room at that point, and he was eagerly awaiting me to open the small soft package under the ribbon.

I opened the package, and there was a soft pink blanket.  It was reversible and on one side, it had little “x”s and “o”s, and the other side was a plush microfiber!  I took it out and noticed it was about four feet by three and a half or so feet.  It was soo snuggly.  Master Pravus told me that he bought it for me thinking that my old baby blanket was getting kind of ratty, and that he wanted me to have something nice to snuggle with after surgery.  I thought that was unbelievably sweet of him.  Beyond sweet.  Still, I jokingly mewed and grasped my old, tattered blankie to my chest.  He told me he wouldn’t get rid of my old one, but that this would just be an “additional” blankie.  I purred.

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure I loved the pattern on the blanket.  It had “X”s and “O”s, and orange, light pink, and dark pink circles on it.  Of course I wasn’t going to say I didn’t like the blanket, Master Pravus had gone out of his way to buy it special for me.  It was funny, but, before I even had a chance to decide if I liked the blanket or not, Master Pravus told me that those little “X”s and “O”s were kisses and hugs!  Aww!  Talk about selling it!  I am in love with it now.  It is just so precious to me.  A blankie covered in kisses and hugs that Master gave me?  Pretty fucking amazeballs, yeah?

The day before the surgery, Master Pravus even took me out for a pumpkin spiced latte and a pumpkin cookie!  I teasingly joked that I must actually be dying.  Master Pravus is very sweet to me, but he doesn’t normally get me two food treats like that in one day.

Pumpkin Cookie!

The cookie was super tasty.  Master Pravus did point out that we were on vacation, so a cookie and a latte weren’t that crazy.  I guess he was right.  Still, it did have me slightly worried about the surgery the next day.  (He’s usually extra sweet if he knows I’ll have to go through something horrible).  Okay, super silly side note about the cookie?  You’re looking at it, and you’re sure it’s probably either orange, pumpkin, or a plain vanilla frosting with food coloring in it, yes?  Imagine my surprise when I bit into it and it was lemon.  It did taste good, but I definitely didn’t expect that.  So weird.

S came over for a little while.  I asked if she could bring Munchkin, because I’m really starting to get the hang of it, and I like it lots.  She brought Munchkin, and a Cthulu game too.  I had made us a special pasta dinner with artichoke hearts, tofu, and sun dried tomatoes and garlic.  It was amazing!  Mac and Cheese for Master Pravus.  (That is what he wanted).  We all ate dinner happily and then began playing our card games.

While we were playing the Cthulu game, S picked a card that said “Evil Plushie” or something like it, and it had a cute looking Cthulu plush sitting on a bed, big eyes staring up through the card.  Hee hee.  At that point, she told Master Pravus that she “Wanted me to have it now.”  And I was completely surprised as to what “it” was.  Master Pravus said that S got me something that she wanted me to have on surgery day.  I don’t know why, but that completely panicked me (and I hadn’t been too panicked up until then), and I had to try not to cry.  I don’t know why, but, getting a present from Master Pravus seemed OK (but, he does buy me lots of presents for lots of other reasons), but when someone else wanted to buy me something, it panicked me a bit because I thought “OMG, this surgery is going to SUCK, isn’t it?!”

The present was brought out, and I couldn’t see it quite clearly as it was in a clear plastic bag that kind of squished it.  I thought it was a Monster.  Upon opening the bag further, I found that it was actually a Baby’s First Cthulu!  And, oddly enough, he was my first Cthulu!  I wonder if Master Pravus and S conspired a little bit.  I mean, two “baby” items for the same event?!  Still, I love them both.

As the night went on, I started to get nerves in my tummy.  I knew the surgery was super minor, but I still was leary about receiving anesthesia.  It was starting to get late, and I suddenly remarked:

“I bet the anesthesiologist isn’t going to call me tonight after all!”  (They are supposed to call the night before your surgery).

Creepily, the second after I said that, the anesthesiologist called.  I think it may have been the work of Cthulu.  Well, the anesthesiologist got me pretty riled up.  He didn’t know much about the rare condition I had, and worse – he told me he was going to keep me pretty lucid for the surgery because I had GERD, and if he used too much anesthesia I might get sick.  That terrified me.  I’ve been awake for dental work with local anesthetics, and locals almost never work on me, so I was not at all pleased when I thought I might be wide awake while they’re cutting pieces of bone off of my foot.  Honestly, no matter how minor, who wants to be awake for that?

In true classy style, I burst into tears shortly after hanging up the phone, and buried my face in my zebra.  I didn’t see S or Master Pravus, but I was sure they’d disown me for acting like a complete chicken shit.  They were both supportive, and after a few minutes, I put on my big girl panties, and finished up the card game.  S left early, because I had to fast for twelve hours and I didn’t really want anyone to be around while I wasn’t eating, because I just wanted to rest.

Master Pravus said I could play Skyrim until I got sleepy, but I felt pretty exhausted with fear, and I was absolutely positive that I’d be awake and the whole thing would be horrible.  (As I said, I’ve been awake for procedures in the past, and I have a million and one bad stories I could tell you.)  I curled up in bed, and mainly tossed and turned before settling in for an all-too-short amount of sleep.

4 thoughts on “Kisses And Hugs

  1. Sometimes i can’t believe our similarities. Creepy. The whole blanket thing is one of them. When i came home from being in the ICU a few years back M had gotten me a beautiful new blanket, now known as “the fuzzy”. When packages arrive here more often than not i’m not privy as to what is in them nor am i allowed to look at them until He is ready. =)

    The cookie? It’s cute but lemon? huh.

    i’m so happy that the majority of this ordeal is behind you! Hope you’re feeling well and that you get a good report from the doctor today. Even though i know you’re loving that trendsetting bootie it would be cool to discard it soon! =p

    HUGS!! <3

    1. @treasure That is totally creepy (but cute) about how your M got you a blankie too. 🙂 It’s eerie how similar our Master’s are, at times.

      Oh yeah. I’m a real trendsetter. ::Stares at sexy shoe:: Lol. I may need to burn it for kindling soon. >:)

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