Healing Up and Vacation Fun

Being Reasonably Good

Well, I’ve posted about how my surgery went, but I guess I haven’t really talked about vacation itself.  We did have a nice vacation, I mean, all things considered.  It wasn’t that anything bad happened, but – it definitely wasn’t all too exciting considering the fact that I was healing up.  I spent the vast majority of my time trying to find things to stick down into my bandages to scratch my foot with (don’t judge!), or sitting on the couch playing xbox games.  There was a lot less sex than either Master or I had wanted, but Master kept telling me he would feel a lot more comfortable having sex later in the week when my foot was a bit “better”.  We wound up having some play time during the last day of vacation, but really – I spent most of the week curled up, taking aspirin to keep the swelling at bay, and playing with ZeeBee.  It was reasonably nice, but still, not exactly what either Master or me had planned on, I don’t think.  I completely understood Master wanting me to rest.  He told me that after seven months with my foot being a problem, it was best we just left the damned thing alone to heal, so that hopefully there were not “do overs”.  Fair enough.  We’re at the point where Master is comfortable playing now, but we still have to modify things a bit until my stitches come out.

We did go out one night with our friend S.  It may have been a bit too early on in my recovery though, because I paid for it the next day.  Still, I’d do it all over again!  It was totally worth it.  We went to a place that had all you can eat sushi, and I had the best intentions of getting to a second plate, but it didn’t happen.  Lol!  Oh well.  I did get to have not one alcoholic drink, but two (it was happy hour).  I had never had a coconut mojito before, OMG!  It was to die for.  After we were done there, we went out for ice cream.  That was fun too.  We went home that night, and we didn’t do anything that weekend because Master thought I needed to be pretty aggressive about elevating my foot to get the swelling under control.  Master does know best because as I type this my foot is vastly improved.

Technically, after day three I was cleared by the doctor to walk around to tolerance (with super sexy shoe in toe.  Get it!  Toe?  Ok.  Ok.  Fine.  Be a Grammar Nazi.  Tow.  Feel better?) so I got up and decided I was going to make a banana bread with the two crummy looking bananas that were sitting on the counter.  I started getting the recipe out, and Master decided he didn’t want me on my feet for that long, and he made me sit in the chair (which he clipped me into).  While he was cooking he told me he was putting black food coloring in it!  OMG, I wish I had gotten a picture!  It was black and greenish in some places.  Kind of cool.  The best part of the whole banana bread debacle is that Master never liked banana bread before, and he tried this one, and he did like it.  We ate banana bread, fruit, and tea every morning for breakfast after that, and last night he told me he had a craving for banana bread!  So super cool.  He’s very finicky about what foods he likes so finding another one he likes makes me very happy.

I had the bandages removed from my foot the other day, and I got to see the stitches.  GROSS.  I can’t wait to have them out next Tuesday.  At least I can shower and get them wet now though.  The doctor says it’s looking pretty good right now and I’m allowed to start doing range of motion stuff, so I feel like I’m officially on the mend!  Woot!  Happy kitty am I.

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