“..But, She Looks Cuter This Way.”

Little Kitty and Biggle Piggle


When Master Pravus and me were first dating, way back in the day, he told me over the phone once:

“I know what you are!  You’re a Chobit!  You’re my Chi!”

I had absolutely no clue at all what he meant because I hadn’t seen Chobits.  He showed me the series, and I thought he was incredibly sweet.  There was one part in Chobits, where Hideki (the main character) is talking to his friend Shinbo, and Shinbo is showing him how his computer can do math.  Shinbo hands his mini persocom a pen, and has her do the calculations out on a piece of paper.  She is tiny, and it’s obviously a challenge for her to hold and use the pen which is taller than she is!  Shinbo makes a comment that is something to the effect of:

“You know, I could just have her print this out for me, but she looks cuter this way.”  That is paraphrasing it a bit, though.

The other day someone was asking us about our age play, which is something we do now and again, but isn’t a “staple” play form for us.  The person was asking us what inspired us to want to do age play.  I was sort of having a hard time gathering my thoughts.  I’m not sure anyone has asked me about what made me want to do age play, and I’ve really only talked with people who I know already enjoy it.  Age play is one of those things that if you don’t get it, you don’t get it.  But, that’s a post for another day.

Anyway, before I could even think of a response, Master Pravus burts out with:

“Well, sometimes I’m in the store, and I think: ‘Won’t Kitty look adorable on the floor with this coloring book?'”

It was such an unusual response, I thought.  Not a bad one, just one I hadn’t expected.  I don’t really think about things from the “top”.  I don’t really think often about why Master would want me to do some of the things we do.  I know that sometimes he wants me to do things because they are dutiful.  I mean, he probably doesn’t see me with the laundry and think “Wow, she looks adorable doing that.”  Maybe he does, but I highly doubt that.  Sometimes he wants me to do things which make him feel good, like sucking his cock, or giving him a massage..  Sometimes he wants me to do things which are “girl jobs”: fix his pants, hem this, put a patch on that.  I guess I never really thought that maybe he would want me to do something purely because I look cute doing it.

All that thinking made me think a bit about my pet: Serenade.  Serenade and me obviously don’t have the same relationship as Master Pravus and me (I should hope not!), but we do have a sort of “Owner/pet” thing going on.  I sometimes “have her do things” purely because she looks cute doing them, like giving her a toy, or letting her chase Cheerios, or even giving her catnip.  And all that thinking, made me realize how humiliating it (now) is to me to do things that Master Pravus likes purely because I “look cute doing them.”  They have a much deeper more animalistic meaning to me now.

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