Divine Scintillation

Divine Scintillation

Having never worked with EroticToyTown, I was really excited when I got contacted to do a sex toy review with them.  They had a really nice website and I thought I would give them a shot.  The toy I chose was the Divine Scintillation wand massager.  It looked so cute and I loved the fun designs on the handle!

The toy showed up in speedy fashion, and with no indication on the outside as to who sent it.  Fear not if you live with roommates, children, or others who you’d prefer not see your latest bedroom acquisition.  Once I opened the packaging itself, the box the toy comes in was very small and easy to hide or dispose of.  The head of the toy (which is made from rubber) does collect lint and dust, so you could save the box for storage if you’d like.  If you have pets, I definitely think keeping the box is one of the best plans so you don’t have to deal with fur on your toy.


Flexible Neck

The toy is ergonomically shaped, and fits quite comfortably in the palm of my hand.  The angled head makes it really easy to get the toy in just the right spot.  While the website recommends this for anal stimulation, keep in mind that this should only be used externally around the perineum or on the outside of the anus for teasing.  The Divine Scintillation isn’t meant for internal use.  I did find it to reach my clitoris just perfectly, and I enjoyed the flexibility of the neck being able to reach my c-spot just right.

There is a bright pink button on the top of the toy, as you can see in my pictures.  You can use this to turn the toy on and off, and to change vibration settings.  For some reason, it says “3S” on it, but I didn’t notice it until I took pictures.  It’s slightly textured, which helps with lubed up fingers, but it isn’t very noticeable or big.

The body of the toy is made from ABS plastic, so you can use any lube you like with this toy.  Water based and silicone lubes should work just fine.  The pretty curlicues and swirls on the toy appear to be printed on, and despite multiple uses with this I have yet to have this chip, scratch, or otherwise “peel” off.

To wash your Divine Scintillation, I recommend warm, soapy water, being careful not to splash the battery pack.  There is an O ring inside the battery pack, but as I mentioned above, repeated opening and closing of the battery pack has lead to a slight loosening around the lid of the pack.  For that reason, I personally would not want to submerge this.  In lieu of soap and water, you can also use a toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution.  Be warned:  since the head of the toy contains rubber, it cannot be completely sterilized and I don’t recommend you share it with anyone you’re fluid bonded with unless you put a condom over it first.

Showing The Button, and Texture

I like the shape and textures of this toy a lot, but there’s a couple downsides to it too.  For one:  power.  While I don’t have a diamond clit, I do need at least a three in vibration intensity for a vibrator to be able to get me to have a nice big O.  I found that while I could climax using this toy, it took a long time to get there and it wasn’t anything spectacular when I arrived.  The vibrations of this toy really are more of a 2.5 out of five.  If it was just a little bit more powerful, I would have loved this one.  Alas, it was a bit too weak for me to really adore it.

The other thing I didn’t really like about the Divine Scintillation is that the toy drains batteries even when it isn’t turned on.  I put fresh batteries in this one, played with it, washed it and set it aside, and went back to play with it a week later and the batteries were dead.  Most of the time I do remove batteries when I’m finished using a toy, but to be honest, if the battery pack is a big pain in the butt, I won’t.  With this toy, you absolutely have to, or you’ll waste your batteries.  A shame.

Even with the battery issue, I’d use this toy all the time if it was only a little bit more powerful.  Because it is just a little too weak for me, (along with the rubber material and the battery complaint) I’m going to give it three paws.Thank you so much, EroticToyTown, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.


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