“You Look SO Happy.”


There’s a gecko attached to my foot.  See, you’re probably wondering why there’s a gecko attached to my foot.  That’d be because Master is an incredibly silly and fun man, and a few minutes before we started fucking around with the rope, we were wrestling together on the ground.  We were laughing and being really silly.  Master stuffed a bunch of plush mice down my shirt, grabbed me, held me down, teased me, tickled me, kissed me.  It was fun.  Eventually he picked up my squeaky gecko and un-Velcro-ed my post-op shoe, and he put my gecko in there and re-Velcro-ed it.  I giggled.  He squeaked the squeakers in the gecko’s head and tail and I tried to pounce my own foot.  I told you he was silly.  At some point he told me to get undressed, and I wiggled my foot asking if I should leave the gecko on.  Master told me to keep it there!  Ha!

As you can see in the above shot, Master decided to play around with the ropes a bit on his own.  Oh.  My.  Gawd.  I’ve never been tied like this before, and I really loved it.  First, Master tied my arms together.


Then he ran rope through my fingers and then back behind me to my feet.  I couldn’t see what he was doing behind me, but, the one foot which wasn’t in a post-op shoe felt really snuggly and nice.  I love having my feet played with, and this was a subtle way to do that, though, I’m not sure that was Master’s intention.


The other foot had rope running to it too, though it was tied around my ankle.  And, the rope tied around my ankle was anchored to the base of the futon.  The bottom of the futon has a big metal frame.  That kept my right foot from collapsing in towards my thighs.  I really, really enjoyed the tie because if I moved my arms at all, it would pull on my legs making them move too.  Normally, when we pull out rope, Master seems to take me out of it almost immediately to try something else, but this time he didn’t!  He did all sorts of things with me while I was tied.  I remember vampire gloves, (both him teasing me with them, and him spanking me with them.  I remember being bitten, and having him put super tight clamps on each of my toes (owe, mmmm!), and I remember him using the Alistair on me until I came super hard.

I don’t remember the order of things, but I know he eventually rolled me over, tied my right foot to the cat tree, and played with me like that.


I remember him climbing on my chest and fucking my tits.  I wasn’t hiding in the above picture.  My arms were still bound though, so that’s where they wound up.  Master did check in with me and ask me if my arms were getting tingly, and I said they weren’t.  At the time – they weren’t.  Of course, a couple minutes later they started to tingle, but Master didn’t ask, so I was a good girl and and didn’t bother him while he fucked my tits.  He came really hard and he got me off with Alistair another two times before he decided to untie me.  At that point, I couldn’t actually feel my left hand, and it was somewhat purple.


After he untied me, I think it took ten or fifteen minutes for the feeling to come back in my hand, and Master liked the rope marks so much he decided to take a picture.  There were a few good ones on my ankle too, but you can’t really see them in this shot.  It took until after I went to bed for the rope marks to go away the whole way.  Before bed there were still deep lines.  I’m not complaining, they felt nice on my skin.


Being a silly little kitty, when Master told me I could go wash up, I decided to take a picture of the gecko first – who managed to still be attached to my foot!  Lol.  He was so cute.  I hope he enjoyed playing with Master as much as I did.

While we were playing, Master kept telling me how happy I looked.  Of course I was happy!  I was playing with my favorite man in the world, and even better – we were playing with rope, one of my favorite things.

Purr Purr Purr

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