Well, the picture is kind of blurry, but I like it anyway.  The other night Master decided he was in the mood to do some more rope play, and he decided he wanted to use the sisal first.  He was in the process of finding the middle, when he realize he needed something from the other room.  Instead of having me go into the other room, (because I was naked and there was a window open) he went to get it himself, but before he left he handed me the rope and told me to find the middle myself!  I was a little bit surprised, but excited too.  I worked on it, but I didn’t finish before Master got back (he was gone for only a second), though when he got back he showed me a faster way than the method I was using.

One thing I really like about situations like this is that they show Master a deeper side of my servitude.  Yes, I’m good at doing chores, even when I don’t want to.  Yes, I’m more than capable of making dinner, or not making it as he desires.  Yes, I can sit patiently and hold his drink on my back, or ash tray on the porch.  But, finding the center of the rope, or giving Master a massage before or after he beats me, or preparing candles for wax play ahead of time, etc. etc., all show him how willing I am to partake in the more sexual activities he wants to do.  Not only am I willing to receive these activities, but I’m willing to help Master prepare for them as well.  I like not leaving all the “work” to him.  I like being able to massage his arms and shoulders before a spanking, or to neatly roll up the bondage tape after we use it, or to wash the toys, or whatever else he has me doing.  Plus, it leaves him with more energy for whatever the task at hand is.

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