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Hey, don’t laugh!  This is just the first picture we’ve gotten with my foot bandage, shoe, and stitch free!  That’s just some left over scab you see there.  And yes, if you look closely, there’s semen on my back.  I do live a charmed life, after all.

My stitches came out last week.  I’d never had stitches out before (except when I was a baby, and I obviously don’t remember that).  At any rate, they felt really good coming out.  I didn’t expect that.  They didn’t hurt or anything, they just felt really satisfying on the way out, if that makes sense.  Not that I’m in a hurry to have more stitches, but, at least I’m not scared of them now.

When I got the stitches out, my range of motion sucked at first.  Absolutely sucked.  I’d already been working on it for about a week to no real progress.  I had to wait until the day after my stitches were out before I was allowed to submerge my foot, but then I took a long relaxing tubbie.  I didn’t notice a lot of really good movement at first, but the next morning, I was clearly a lot more capable of moving my toes and ankle in all directions!  Score!  That makes me very happy.  I am so glad to finally be on the road to being better.

In the meantime, the doctor is sending me back to..  You guessed it:  Physical Therapy.  He says the muscles in my foot and ankle are guarding and physio will help me get them more relaxed.  Okay, I say.  I may never escape physical therapy (it’s been two years on and off for various injuries), but fuck, I give up.  I’m just glad my foot is on the mend and I can start doing things with it.

So, for now, I’m calling the surgery a success, and hoping that my foot only continues to improve.  I am cautiously optimistic that these are the final few weeks of healing.  Woo!


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