Pumpkin Carving

I’m due for a physical soon, so I had to fast the night before for twelve hours.  My doctor’s office likes to do blood work ahead of time, so they can discuss results at your appointment.  I absolutely hate fasting blood work, and not because you can’t eat for twelve hours.  I mean, that’s not normally a huge deal, because I usually set the blood draw for early in the morning, so I’m really just not eating for a couple hours before I go to bed, and then an hour or so when I wake up.  I can deal.  I usually hate fasting blood work, because no matter how much water I drink – it never works for me.

Of course, I woke up, got ready, and Master and me both headed down to get our blood work done.  Master’s blood work was easy as pie, and mine, of course, was not.  Normally I manage to get at least a bit of blood with fasting blood tests, but this time we didn’t get anything.  The phlebotomist got in my vein, but nothing would go in the tube.  Sad smile  Stupid fucking blood work.  He tried a few times, even use a heating pack, and nothing worked.  It was really unpleasant and not fun, and we still had to run an errand before we went home.

Master, sensing my utter unhappiness opted to stop off and buy me a sweet tea, as I hadn’t eaten in about thirteen hours by that point, and he also took me to Whole Foods to get me a vegan cookie.  So thoughtful and sweet, isn’t he?  <3  I slurped down the tea pretty quick, but it took me until the end of the night to finish that damned cookie!  Lol!  Not that I was complaining.  I secretly love when I have a pastry that is so big that it takes hours to get through.

On the way home we needed to pick up a box for me to ship something for the Mewtique.  Master also decided to make one more stop.  Funny, but, earlier that day we were talking about pumpkins and pumpkin carving.  I was telling Master the story of how when I was a little kid, my Dad would let me pick any pumpkin in the patch!  The only rule was that I had to be able to carry it myself.  Makes sense right?  Only, when I was really little I had only brothers, and I was always a little jealous that they always had a much bigger pumpkin than me.  Oh well.

We had stopped off at a store (no pumpkin patch for me this year, maybe next year when my foot is better), and Master told me I could “Have any pumpkin that I wanted.  So long as I could carry it!”  I laughed and told him that I was quite a bit stronger than when I was a kid.  He told me that was fine and so long as I could carry it the pumpkin was mine!  Yay!  I looked around at the pumpkins, and picked what I thought was the biggest one.  I have no idea what they weighed because they were all flat rate.

Well, of course I carried the pumpkin to the checkout counter, and I was only moderately tired.  On the way out of the store, I realized how far we had parked.  It was slightly rough but I managed to get my pumpkin all the way to the car!  Then, as I was sitting in the car, I jokingly told Master that I forgot about the three flights of stairs!


Sorry it’s kind of dark.  Master shot that picture with his camera on his phone.  I struggled a bit going up the stairs, but I did make it!  I settled my pumpkin down on the ground, and I ran around the house collecting the things I’d need to carve it up.  I put down a couple of trash bags, got some knives, and I was about to go online and pick a picture to carve when I saw Master already had Google up and was searching around for a good one.  He picked two pictures he thought would be good, and he was trying to decide between having me make a simple kitty face, or a Gears Of War symbol.  We didn’t have the knife for me to do the Gears of War one, but Master also decided that he wanted to do the Gears symbol, and that we should maybe buy a pumpkin for him next week.  Kitty face, it was!

I changed into some really baggy workout clothes so that I wouldn’t get my nice clothes all messy and I set to work!


I have carved a couple of pumpkins in my day, but really nothing too crazy or exciting.  And, I’ve always been awful at gutting the pumpkin.  Oh, getting the seeds and stuff out is fine, but I’ve never successfully gotten all the slimy orange strings out of the pumpkin without help from someone else.  I was absolutely determined to do this pumpkin all by myself!  =^^=


Master almost bust out laughing when he saw that I had put on my apron.  He told me it was super cute.  Lol.  I just was trying to keep the pumpkin gut mess to a minimum.  That shit gets messy.


“Do you want a spoon, Kitty?”

“No thanks, Master!  That’s what my pawsies are for!”


I spent a lot of time on my little pumpkin!  It took a long time to gut it just right, and get all the seeds and strings out.  After the seeds were out, I decided to roast the seeds.  (Waste not, want not!)  I washed them in the sink, and then I seasoned them with salt and plain cinnamon.


Master did the oven part for me, because kitties aren’t supposed to get near the oven!


They came out quite delicious!  Om nom nom!  <3

I went back to my pumpkin, which honestly took me about four hours to complete.


The carving part was the hardest part.  Master gave me a couple of steak knives to do the carving, but when he gets his pumpkin to do his Gears symbol, he’s going to need a pumpkin carving knife.  My design was pretty simple at least, so it wasn’t as important to have a special knife.


The next day, we were having company, and Master put a tea light in my pumpkin and turned the lights off!  I didn’t think it looked too cool until then, and then I was kind of excited by how neat it looked!  Maybe next year I’ll try a much harder design.  We’ll see.

7 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving

  1. That’s a pretty big pumpkin for such a little kitty! Every year Master lets me get a “punkin fer the porch!” We name him Bill. Most years i let “Bill” stay out on the porch too long and he gets rotten. BUT i’ve gotten better the last few years! Master is getting tired of scooping Bill up with a shovel, so i’m not sure if i’m getting a punkin fer the porch this year or not!

    i should start a petition “let treasure get a punkin fer the porch!” Should i? =)

  2. Super Cute! My lil one and i go for the lil pumpkins and gourds (the wartier the better) and indian corn. Soon it’ll be time to let her break out the markers (too little for carving) for fun faces! have to do a kitty one.

    1. @KittyJenjen Oh, how cute! I love the little gourds and pumpkins, but for whatever reason, you can only buy them in bulk this year. 🙁 I’ve always been able to find them out loose, but this year they are in packs of six or ten. 🙁 Boo!

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