“Leave the Hat.”


We were about to play, so I was getting undressed.  It had been cold outside, so I was actually wearing a hat in the house.  (We even got a dusting of snow!  Talk about cold!)  Anyway, as I was half undressed Master told me:  “Leave the hat.”  Somehow playing with just my hat on felt really, really dirty.  Hehehe.

He also told me to set up the massage table with an arrangement of things that I thought would be fun to play with.  Master informed me that in the event I didn’t pick something he wanted, he’d just help himself to it.  (You can’t see it in the picture, but the toy organizer is just to the right of the table, so it wasn’t a huge deal.  He also told me to make sure to put out his new favorite rope (which is black, and synthetic, but we’re not sure exactly what it’s made of since he bought it a while back), as well as the Wahl.DSCF1525

This is pretty much what resulted.  <3  At one point, Master tied the Wahl into the tie and he left it there while he fucked my breasts, bit my thighs (I still have bruises from that ::happy sigh::) and did various other things.  I really just wanted to share the tie though, because it was so fun.  It’s hard to see in the shot we got (we only got a couple), but the tie on my feet looked really pretty, and I couldn’t escape this one, not that I wanted to.  I always think that ties which leave my toes free are deceptive.  They make me feel like I could wriggle free, but I can’t actually ever escape Master’s ropes, normally.  I used to be able to, but he’s gotten much better at figuring out to keep me tied.  He calls me an “eel”.  Ha!  Funny thing is, I only really ever try to escape when he tells me to, which he usually only really does to test his work, anyway.

Anyhow, there were ropes leading around my back, and ropes going over my thighs, which really just helped me maintain the position as I was slightly hunched over, and my knees were off the ground.  (My knees naturally fall flat against the ground when I sit like this).

And last night (which we did not get any pictures of), Master did some more rope with me, and I really loved that too.  I love the way Master’s interests flow.  He’ll be obsessed with something for weeks (like rope, or wax, or spanking, etc), and then he’ll completely change gears and be obsessed with something else for a while.  I don’t think I could ever get bored of the things we do anyway (our interests are too varied), but it’s fun that he isn’t the type to pick one thing and stick to it forever.  (I’d definitely get bored with that).

I do really love this new rope obsession Master has gotten himself into, and I hope it stays around a while.  I am definitely a rope slut.  <3

2 thoughts on ““Leave the Hat.”

  1. i haz the hat envy, big time!!
    *ponders showing T the pic, wondering if showing him a purty naked girl in a kitty hat might convince him I need it… especially if I offer to wear it like that, too…*

    “No really, Master, I ~know~ I have 3 different fuzzy leopard print winter hats… but I really need ~that~ hat!!! It’s getting to snowy time up here!!”

    Definitely worth the attempt. *grins*
    Probably won’t work, though, huh?

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