Downfalls Of Blogging

This is actually a post I wrote a couple of months ago.  I wasn’t sure I was going to post it, but after tweeting with a couple of my Twitter friends on the topic, I thought I’d go ahead.  Thanks to Padmeamidala of Darkside-Journey, Fang’s Kitten, and Winsome Gypsy for inspiring me to publish this!  Love you guys!  <3

I want to start off by saying that I really do love blogging, but I do it for reasons that are different than a lot of people probably think, not that those reasons are important to this post.  Blogging has allowed me to enjoy a lot of things that I wouldn’t have been able to had I not had a blog.  For example, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people who have become great friends both online and offline.  I have been able to share a lot of things about many different aspects of life, and in doing so, I have seen a lot of progress in myself, which may not otherwise have been possible.  I’ve received emails from people telling me that if it weren’t for my blog, they never would have found peace for themselves.  What better reward for blogging is there than that?!  Most importantly, I’ve gained Master’s pleasure, as this blog is really written for him, and he is the only one whose approval I care about, anyway.

However, as fun as blogging has been for me, it also carries with it some unfortunate down sides.  I’m going to highlight a few here, mainly to get some frustration out of my system, and also for a bit of a chuckle.  By the way, these are in no particular order.

One thing that really bothers me about blogging is that people assume I do it for the money.  Oh, yes!  You see, if you blog, you’re obviously making shit loads of money from you blog, and therefore, you get all manner of people begging you to teach them how to make money with their blog.  Honestly?  To Hell if I know!  Making money is really not a priority on my blog.  Yes, I write sex toy reviews, but the majority of the toys I get are for companies I’m not even affiliated with, or which don’t allow affiliate links in their reviews.  Aside from that, I do have a couple banners up, but I promise I’m not lining my pockets with the money I make from them.  They really just cover the cost of hosting this site, and that’s about it.  Could I use this blog to make more money?  I’m damned sure I could.  Will I?  Probably not.  I don’t want my blog to turn into some kind of crazy advertisement mess.  I think the ones I have neatly tucked into the side bar are good enough, thank you very much.  I assure anyone reading this, that were I blogging for money, I would not be blogging at all.

Another thing that eats away at my tender no-no places is the people who assume that because they’ve read my blog, they know me personally!  Um.  No.  You don’t know me just because you read something I wrote.  If you read “The Raven,” by Edgar Allen Poe, would you assume you knew him?  No?  Then it doesn’t work with blogging either.  True, I’m one of those lucky people who lives their kink 24/7.  I don’t have to hide it where I work, and I am also lucky enough to be a stay at home slave.  What you read here is absolutely only fact unless posted otherwise (though, I doubt I’ll be writing any fictional erotica or anything of the sort any time soon).  However, I don’t post about every bit of my life.  There are gaps and pieces missing.  This is a blog, not a day-to-day account of everything that goes on in my head or every little thing that happens in my life.  I have shared an awful lot about my life with you all.  I’ve shared sexy photos and stories, I’ve shared whining and bitching over injury or illness, I’ve shared family drama, my shortcomings, and various other things that stress me out, bring me joy, or otherwise move me.  Sometimes when you’re reading a blog (anyone’s blog) you can feel like you know the person really well.  The truth is, you only know the things that the blogger tells you, and almost no blogger has the time or inclination to share it all.  Which brings me to my next gripe:

I do not, under any circumstances, blog each and every time I have sex, or a sexual encounter.  Some experiences are just for me and Master.  Some experiences are with people who are not open about their sex lives, and therefore, I don’t out those people, even by changing their name.  If I think that in some way it might come back to that person, I’m not going to add that sort of complication to their lives.  Yes, sharing sexual (and nonsexual) experiences is fun and feeds my exhibitionistic side – but no amount of exhibitionism will make me want to out a friend.  When I started this blog, I actually had no intention of sharing nudes.  Eventually that changed, but I still don’t share every picture, every encounter, or every play date.  In fact, often I choose not to share a sexual experience, purely because something happened dynamic-wise which I was more interested in sharing.  Assuming that I’m not having sex purely because I didn’t tweet, tumbl, or blog it is just silly. 

Rude messages.  I cannot begin to describe the sorts of messages I’ve received at times, picking on Master or me because of how we dress, or eat, or look, or act, or blah, blah, blah.  That’s part and parcel for the Internet, sure, but it doesn’t make it any less of a downfall, if you ask me.

People will sometimes steal your pictures and pretend to be you.  Downfall?  Yup!

I think those are the absolute major ones.  Are there more?  Sure!  I don’t want this post to be 100% negative though.  I really do love blogging and I have had a blast with it.  God, I sometimes cringe when I go back and read past entries from back when I began blogging (did I really need that many emoticons?!), but the fact is I have gained so much from blogging that I never would have gained without it.  I’ll take the bad with the good and just keep going.

Blog on!

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