I Want

Master has been working a lot lately.  A lot, a lot.  It’s not really his fault, there’s some sort of thing they’re implementing at work, and so for the next few months until it’s all installed and happy he’s gonna have to work more.  Lame, I know.  I’ve been a very good kitty though, and I’ve been working on chores and the Mewtique while he’s gone.  No lazing around for this kitty!  Not that it has been easy.  I’m really not the best at eating when no one is around, and twice last week I was alone until after 10PM.  I’m making due and I’m just trying not to be too much of a bother to Master though.  He doesn’t want to work late any more than I want him to work late, and whining about it won’t help either of us.

Anyway, a few days ago, Master came home after a late night, and we got ready for bed together.  (He’s been letting me stay up until he’s home at night).  We crawled into the bed, and I wanted to snuggle and touch him.  He told me that he needed to sleep because the next day he had to get up early and he had to stay late.  Like a good little kitty, I curled into my side, desperate for his touch.  Not necessarily sex, per se, but just to feel his hand or body on mine.  To snuggle.  To just feel him.

I laid awake for about an hour.  To be honest, I can’t usually just fall asleep if I’m having a busy or tiring day.  I need time to unwind, and no matter how tired I am, I just won’t be able to fall asleep right away.  Just as I began to drift off, I felt Master pumping his hips towards mine (we were laying right next to each other), and I felt his hands searching around for the edge of my night shirt. 

“I want…”  he said.

“What do you want?”  I playfully asked him back.

“To fondle your tits.”

We were spooning, and I helped him by moving the bottom of my shirt out of the way, and I laid there a while feeling his fingers as they pinched, squeezed, caressed, scratched, and otherwise played with my tits and nipples.  The pain and pleasure made my pussy start to throb and get wet.  I think we may have laid there for five or six minutes that way, before he rolled me over and started biting me, slapping my tits, and teasing me.  It was very hot.

We rolled around in the dark panting, purring, a happy ball of sex.

He told me to suck his cock.  He rolled me this way and that.  He bit and pinched me here and there.

When we were done, he came all over my soft tummy.  He got me a couple of wet naps so I wouldn’t drip everywhere in the dark.  I cleaned up and then curled up against him in the dark, remnants of his seed on my tummy and breasts still.

Sex usually wakes me up, so I admit that I didn’t wind up falling asleep until much later.  Still, it was so very worth it.

In the morning, I noticed that my neck and breasts looked like I was back in high school.  ::Wiggle::  What an amazing night.  We almost never have sex in the middle of the night.  It was so hot.  At first I thought that maybe all that extra work was what had Master all wound up (needing stress release), but then, I realized that we hadn’t had sex in two days.  (Twice in a row he came home after 10PM, and he has to be up at 5AM).  I hope he managed to get enough sleep that night.  I know I am still pretty purry after the fun time we had.

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