Unexplained Leave Of Absence

It’s like this:

I actually had no intention of leaving this blog without an update for a week. Basically though, around the 11th or 12th, I suddenly couldn’t log into my blog. I was not hacked, but the page to log in was broken. Master thoroughly intended to look at my blog and fix it, but it obviously had to be on his time, and his time is very precious lately – due to how late he’s been working and how often. It wasn’t actually until the 17th that Master managed to fix my blog, and even then, there are still bits here and there which need tweaking.

Last Monday, I got sick. Like, horrendously ill. After nearly fainting three times, Master called the doc who told us to go to the E.R. That’s all fine and dandy, I got antibiotics, IV fluids, and I was sent on my merry way. Fun, yes? The next day, Master called in to work because we didn’t get home until around 3AM. The following day I woke up, gathered my pigs, and as I went into the front room, I heard Master call out to me to tell me he was home, and not to panic. Too late! Master being home completely panicked me. He told me his boss had sent him home because she had taken one look at him, and told him he looked ill. We were both really worried he was getting the bug I had, so it was kind of good that he was home. But still, when your boss sends you home and tells you that you don’t look well, you know you need to take a day.

As I sit here writing this, it’s actually Thursday, and I’m beginning to feel better, but I decided to write this for next week (Sunday) because Master is still after me to rest, and so we decided the blog could wait. You know, this must be the week to be sick though, because a lot of my family (back home) are dealing with colds and flus right now. ::Shakes head::

Tomorrow is actually a really important day for me, and I’m really nervous. I’m going to go see a geneticist (Master is taking me) due to a suspected illness that my Physical Therapist and doctor think I might have. It would absolutely explain every medical issue I’ve ever had, but we need the nod from the geneticist before I can be diagnosed. I honestly have mixed feelings. On the one hand: if I’m diagnosed, then I’ll know why I’m always being injured, and why I tend to get the sorts of illnesses I get, etc. On the other, there’s no cure, so it would absolutely be a better thing for me to just not have this condition. However, if I don’t have the condition, then I also have no answer to my medical problems, which have become more and more of an issue over the last two years. I’m not even sure which option to hope for, because neither one will provide me with a solution to the problems I face all the time. On the one hand, I’d get a validated: Yep! There’s a reason for this! And, on the other there’s the: “Quitcherbitchen and stop getting hurt so much.” (Like I have a choice in how often I get sick or injured.)

So, that’s basically what’s going on over here. We’re both doing OK, just a bit under the weather, and that, combined with a broken blog log in page meant I couldn’t update. Stupid technology.

8 thoughts on “Unexplained Leave Of Absence

  1. wait tomorrow as in Monday the 22nd right? Hope all goes well and that you don’t have it. I know its hard not knowing but sometimes its better because once you know you just get 3 more questions for each answer you uncover.

    1. @Jessie Beth Thanks Hon! *HUGS* You’re totally right, but it’s still one of those “Geeze, which ‘thing’ do I want?” An answer would be nice, but as there’s no cure, I guess I wish it were a different answer? lol. Not that we get to choose.

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