Public Displays (Of Submission)

Once my tummy was feeling much better, Master took me out to dinner. We picked a place we had not been in a long time, and Master (as always) was in the process of picking out what he’d like me to eat. The waitress came over, and asked if we knew what we wanted. Master said he knew what we wanted, and she started to take our order.

Master ordered himself a steak, and he chose another dinner for me. The woman was so completely taken aback by Master’s choosing my meal! We do this all the time in all manner of places, but she just could not seem to adapt to a “different” situation like this one. She was very rude. After Master chose my meal, the woman deliberately turned away from Master, and asked me (looking directly in my eyes) what I wanted for my side dishes. I don’t remember what I said, but it wasn’t much, and I think I kind of mumbled it while looking in Master’s direction. People in a M/s dynamic are certainly not the only people who sometimes don’t choose their own meal. I have gone out on double dates with other people who weren’t even kinky, and sometimes one person in the date chose what the both of them were having. I don’t think it is that unusual, but then again, I guess I’m not that waitress we had.

Master looked at the waitress in the eyes and told her I’d have the steamed broccoli, and the steamed veggies for my sides. She wrote it down, and sort of huffed away, kind of annoyed. Actually, she may not have been in the best mood period, because Master’s steak came to him and he was unhappy with it. Instead of fixing it, the woman argues with him until the manager comes over, upgrades Master’s steak for free, and even brings him a new baked potato. Sheesh.

I can honestly say that while Master and me do display some of our dynamic, or while we do some kinky things in public, we don’t participate in things around children (usually) nothing a child would notice anyway, or things which are clearly kinky in front of non-kinky folk. For example, it’s not like I crawl around on the ground in public, or talk about sex when children are present. And we never really seem to have a problem with the few things we do on the down-low. For example, sometimes Master will cuff me in public (but under clothes), or I’ll wear a rope harness (again, under clothes), or, like above, Master will often choose my food in public. This is just the first time that we’ve ever had a negative reaction for it.

Though, I think that waitress was in a mood that day anyway. What kind of person in the customer service biz argues with a customer when their food comes out crummy? Fuck, even in Panera Bread, they always joyfully replace whatever was given to us incorrectly or burnt, etc. Not that it happens too often, either.

12 thoughts on “Public Displays (Of Submission)

    1. @Noba You’re probably right. Funny, but, Master and me talked about that after she left the table the first time. Feminists are fine with me, but they should be able to serve anyone who comes to their restaurant, regardless of beliefs.

  1. You know what’s funny? I’m a hardcore feminist, and a slave, and I order my Master’s food (because She wants me to). If you can’t work with all types of people, without making judgments and inserting your personal beliefs and agenda on others, customer service just isn’t the job for you. Seriously. You don’t know what kind of people you’re going to be serving, and what you see does NOT tell the whole story. Sorry y’all had to put up with that. How irritating.

  2. Holy crap! I never thought of Lada’s blindness as a bonus before, but as soon as they see her white cane, waitroids NEVER question my ordering for her. Given my infamous ability to be cranky, I’m pretty sure your waitress would have gotten an ear full – in the presence of the manager.

    1. @Fred Oh wow, I hadn’t thought about Lada’s blindness having bonuses before either, but that makes sense to me. This was the first time Master and me were greeted with such rudeness, so I think Master and me were both shocked.

  3. A Man ordering for a women used to be the normal thing when out on a date and such.

    Now most think thats wierd.

    My wolf and I have rarely done that, unless it was somplace where it was a comunity dish of food, like our fav Ethiopian resteraunt.

    but my tastes are so wide that if he did order for me, he would certainly end up getting me something i would like.

    1. @fyremane Yeah, agreed on all accounts. Though, Master choosing my meals isn’t really about me liking what he picks, sometimes he picks things he knows I like, and sometimes he picks things I have to sort of “learn to like” if you know what I mean. 🙂 I still love it.

  4. Some people just don’t belong in customer service! I wish Master could order my food for me. But because of his bad eye sight I often have to order for him. We have had some waitresses and receptionist make fun of Master because he uses a magnifying glass and sometimes a torch. Which I think is rude of them, we have heard some people say some nasty things. I also have to order my own food because I am a celiac. Unfortunitly I am the only one in my family that knows anything about celiac friendly food. Usually if someone makes fun of Master we don’t go back to that place. This has happened once when Master was at a receptionist office, he refused to use their service because the receptionist made fun of him in his face. He just walked out of their officer as soon as the receptionist made the rude comment.

    1. @MomoNoHanna OMG, you have some RUDE people where you live. Master’s dad wore magnifying glasses on his head all the time, and no one ever picked on him. >.< I can't believe the lengths some people will go to, just to be jerks. 🙁

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