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Sadly, Henry VI died a couple weeks ago. He was a pretty fish, but we kind of saw it coming for a long time. We changed his water every week, used only spring water, fed him varied foods, tried Betta Revive, you name it – we tried it for him. The little guy would respond better for a couple days, and then his fins would just get worse. Unfortunately, he got to the point where he stopped eating, and a day later he had died. Rest in peace, little fishie.

Master and me both love fish and aquatic animals, so we decided we were going to get another “fish” or similar. The last time I had sea monkeys they were doing really well, and then we transferred them to too large of a tank with a filter, and I think the filter killed them. Lesson learned. The day after Henry passed, Master decided to buy me a sea monkey kit! Talk about deluxe! It sure came with a lot of stuffs. ๐Ÿ™‚DSCF1470

We were both really excited to get started. I filled the tank with water and added the water purifier. Then, we had to wait twenty four hours to put the sea monkeys in! Talk about impatient! I didn’t think I could wait so long. We brought the castle tank outside so that we could add the eggs in sunlight. We were excited because sometimes you can watch them hatch instantly. We had thought we’d seen some sea monkeys but it turned out that it was just bits from the packet we put in. Darn. So we waited. And waited. And waited.

Master and me were starting to think that we weren’t going to have any sea monkeys at all. ๐Ÿ™ We waited for a couple weeks, and still nothing, so we decided we were going to let the tank evaporate and then start again. Just as I went to remove the lid so the tank could dry itself out, I noticed something swimming! It actually scared me at first.. But it was a sea monkey!

You can’t really name sea monkeys (there’s too many of them), but we printed out a piece of paper with the names of all of the people in Dumbledore’s Army to tape to the wall near their castle. Gotta keep Voldemort at bay, you know?

I’ve tried to get a couple of pictures of the sea monkeys themselves, but they are just too tiny to see on camera yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to share some when they’re bigger. Yay! Welcome to the family, little sea monkeys.

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