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As I mentioned in another blog post, Master has been working a lot lately. All this time away from him has definitely made me very lonely. I completely understand why he has to work, and I’m not in the least bit mad or upset, but it has still been hard. Master has been putting time in on the weekends, as well as staying late three week days. Some days I do not get to see him until it is time for bed.

While a lot of people might see this as a bad thing, it is almost a blessing in disguise. Each and every moment I get to spend with him has had all that much more meaning for me. Each night, we snuggle up closer than we ever did before (we’re not the type to snuggle as we sleep). Each kiss, each hug, each time we have sex are all that much more special because the time we have together is just so precious and far less than it ever has been before.

I don’t like Master having to work this crummy schedule, but it is only for a little while, and I know he doesn’t like it either. At least there have definitely been benefits from it. Being apart is horrible, but each email I get during the day, or picture I send him, or two minutes on the phone all are so much more special now.

Thank goodness for perspective. (And for only temporary work changes. Looking forward to the old schedule again).

2 thoughts on “Work Late

  1. I wish I could share your positive outlook 🙁 My husband works late and goes on business trips constantly and it causes a never ending string of arguments. I miss him and I feel like his job is more important.

    I probably need to just “get over it” at this point.

    1. @Nikki In my situation, I know his job’s not more important, but it’s still hard. 🙁 *HUGS* I am sorry that you’re having to deal with this. Being away from the one you love is always hard.

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