On the 15th I had an emergency room run, as I mentioned before, and I really was feeling super sick. Master took me home and tucked me in, and the next day we had to go out to get some antibiotics and other fun things. While we were in the store, I noticed a giant fluffy pink unicorn. I mewed and pointed to it.

Master was the only one who could reach it, so he picked it up, looked at it, looked at me, and put it back up where it was.

“I wonder if they have a tiger around here somewhere..” he said.

He started fishing around and he found a tiger. He took it down, looked at its price tag, and handed it to me.

I squeezed it and hugged it and wanted to keep it forever and ever. Master told me it was a sick kitty present and I could take him home!

I actually started to cry. (I’m such a baby, I know.) I couldn’t believe he was letting me keep the tiger! We took it home, and Master was going to let me think of a good name for it. I wanted it to be special, and so I just was taking my time with it. I guess I took too long because Master named him Tiberius, and the name stuck.

“Hey, you should just be happy I didn’t name him James Tiberius.” Master told me. Ha ha. Maybe I should be.

Picture 154


I’m feeling much, much, much better now, so I’m ready to share Tiberius on here. (Who wants to take pics when they feel awful?!) Cute, isn’t he? Actually, he’s so big that I can’t properly fit him in the picture with me on web cam, but here’s the closest I got:

Picture 160

See?! Huge. And you can’t even see his legs or arms in this one. Actually, I’ve been using him as a body pillow at night. Wowza. =^^=

Mew mew mew. I’m such a spoiled kitty.

10 thoughts on “Tiberius

  1. My daddy *blush* bought me a giant tiger some weeks back too! Different one of course because I’m from the far off land of England XP
    Ended up calling it Billy on a wim in the store and he couldn’t say no to me when he found out I’d named it >3<
    Your tiger is seriously cute too though, he looks sleepy! Hooray for tigers!

    1. @Lunafloon Aww, cute! I’m glad you got a giant tiger too. They are so snuggly and awesome. πŸ™‚ I bet Billy is so fun to snuggle. One of my favorite thigns about Tiberius is how sleepy he looks! πŸ˜€ Hee hee. Mew mew mew.

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