Halloween is Master and my favorite holiday! We love the costumes, the parties, the decorations, and the fun! Master always tells me that this is the only time of year any of the decorations in the stores have things he wants to buy. I think he exaggerates a bit. We love Halloween, but Xmas is a close second. I think that Xmas is the one time of year we actually do deck the house out in fun decorations. But then, we tend to keep a Halloween-esque decor year round. =^^=

Each year, Master and me want to celebrate Halloween, and almost every year (except maybe one or two) since we’ve been together, Halloween has been the day we’ve had to move on. Yeah, we’ve moved a lot, but we’re not the type to stick around in a crummy apartment if we don’t like it. A lot of people think that’s nuts, but we think it’s nuts to stay somewhere you hate – if you can do something about it. Anyway, this year we’re not moving, but Master has to work.

The last apartment complex we lived in didn’t have any trick-or-treaters, but I have a feeling that this complex will have them. There’s a ton of children in this complex. Most of the time they are loud and obnoxious, with no concern for other people in the complex. There’s a part of me that’s feeling very anti-Halloween. I want to put a big sign on the door and refuse to pass out candy. I want to ignore all the kids who are usually so rude and do things like knock on my door and run away, or throw rocks on our balcony. But you know what? Being a disgruntled adult isn’t going to help these kids, and being bitter won’t help my mood.

I think, that since Master isn’t going to be home tomorrow, I’m going to go ahead and pass out pretzels (that’s what we bought this year). If I’m feeling up to it, I think I’ll even go ahead and dress up.. Not sure what as yet, but it’ll be kid-friendly. I would dress up as a kitty, but that’s too predictable. Whatever it is, you can bet I’ll wear kitty ears too, but not a kitty exclusively. We’ll see.

Tonight I was able to get an appointment at the dentist to have my jaw Xrayed. (We need to get a panoramic Xray before I can go off to an oral surgeon. Ugh. Here’s hoping that goes well tonight. I’m all over getting my jaw fixed ASAP.

I am a bit worried about Frankenstorm, too. My family lives right in the middle of some of the worst of the storm, and we’re hoping everyone is OK. I called Mom yesterday, but she didn’t answer so I got a bit worried. She called me back yesterday night to say she had gone to the casino, and that she shouldn’t have! HA! I mean, casino is fine and all, but it should have been obvious with Frankenstorm that the best thing to do wasn’t to go out. Oh well, we’ve all done stupid things like that. The good news is she’s home safe. She says she still has power, though the lights have flickered a lot, and there are downed trees everywhere. I believe it! I hope everyone in the path of the storm is staying safe.

4 thoughts on “Alone

    1. @Master Dream’s precious treasure Thanks Hon! *HUGS* If things go well, that’s my plan. We’ll see how they are. I’m not even sure if we’ll get kids around here or not, but I do love seeing the cute costumes, so we’ll see.

  1. I’m dressing up as the Wicked Foxx of the Mid-West tonight, to hand out candy, to however many kids we get tonight.

    we have no idea what to expect, its mid week, and a new town and neighborhood.

    though we are mere blocks away from two schools, so who knows.


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