Halloween Night, Alone

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I woke up Halloween morning, and I basically wanted nothing to do with Halloween at all. I was just tired, sad, and lonely. Halloween has always been a fun day for Master and me, even if we had to move or something else important during it. The most important part is that we were always together. This Halloween we couldn’t be, and it was really sad and depressing for me. To be honest, I didn’t even get dressed until 1PM in the afternoon, because I felt sad, mopey, and just didn’t even want to do anything. That’s not like me, and when it happens, I do my best to keep going. It doesn’t matter what I do, the important thing is that I do something, and eventually I perk up.

So, I stripped the futon near my web cam, I got a few loads of dishes done, moved the laundry around, hung some things up, etc. I sat down and did some sewing for the Mewtique, I made a video review, I blogged a bit. I had things to get done, and they needed to be done regardless of the crummy mood I was in. I think it honestly took me all freaking day to decide to get the pretzel pouches we bought and actually put them in a bowl for the kids. >.< Sheesh. What sort of kitty girl brings the box they came in to the door? I mean, really. I might be missing Master, but I am not a savage.



After I got the front room set up, I settled in to watch some Family Guy (I’m going through all the seasons right now, and yes I’ve seen most of them, but it’s always fun going back through a series I like), when I realized I was out of my favorite hot chocolate mix. Just as it appeared that the world would end, I found my “Emergency Cocoa Mix” recipe, and set about making some “In the Meantime” mix. It was super tasty and I figured I’d share it with all you guys. Just to say though, I didn’t come up with this recipe myself, I have had it for a long time, and I don’t remember where it’s from. But, it’s not mine and I don’t take credit for other’s work.


1/2 cup cocoa powder. (NOT hot chocolate mix, or cocoa mix, or nesquik. Actual cocoa powder.)

3/4 cup sugar.

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon.

4 ounces of chocolate chips.

Mix all those things together and it’ll look something like this:


Yep. I’m clever, and didn’t want to have to make another dirty dish, so I just mixed it in the old hot chocolate tin I had just realized was mostly empty. Then, put about four tablespoons of the mix in a pot on the stove with your “milk” of choice. You can use cow’s milk, but I use rice milk. I’d imagine that soy milk, almond milk, hemp milk, or oat milk would probably work fine too. Have fun with it.DSCF1604

Then, set your stove to about medium or medium low, and whisk like you’ve never whisked before. Really fucking whisk that shit, and don’t let it sit. Reason being, you’ve got chocolate sinking to the bottom of your pan, and you don’t want it to stick to the bottom. Plus, all your whisking will pay off when you’ve got gloriously made cocoa. Whisk your hot chocolate mix until it is very well incorporated, and starts to steam. (Did I just say “whisk” enough?)


Serve that shit in whatever way you enjoy your hot chocolate. Some people like a cinnamon stick in there, or a dollop of whipped cream. I know it looks like there’s almost none in my mug, but it’s actually a two cup mug, and one cup of cocoa is almost always more than enough for me. Still, go nuts!

By the way: Happy Halloween, that was your treat. Now, don’t ever say I never give you nothin’.

Anyway, we didn’t wind up having any trick-or-treaters, which was a bummer because I was actually looking forward to that.. But it’s OK. We live on the third floor, and my best guess is no one felt like climbing up here. HA! Well, at least I have a bunch of little bags of pretzels, they’re my favorite snack.


I really hope that everyone had a really wonderful Halloween, whether or not you celebrated.


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