Potato Chips

We had to grocery shop, but there wasn’t enough time to grocery shop before my physical therapy appointment, so there was also no food in the house. Master had decided we were going to eat dinner at Panera Bread, and I was excited to just spend some time with him, especially with how infrequently I’ve seen him lately, which definitely makes me sad. We went into the restaurant, Master picked food for us, and then chose a little booth in the back corner of the store to eat it in.

I ate my sandwich, and we chatted about stupid little things. My food came with a bag of potato chips, and I opened it up, and ate one. Master smiled and he put a chip flat in the palm of his hand, and I smiled too as I dipped my head to eat it. I don’t think anyone saw us. There was next to no one in the restaurant as we were sitting there, Master gently whispering about his good pony. ::giggle:: I think I ate half the bag that way, before he let me eat them like a “regular” girl. It was near dinner time, so more people started showing up. (We like doing things in public, but both think it’s disrespectful to push the public too much.)

Despite the fact that no one saw, I still found it to be incredibly humiliating. Yes, it’s an act we do a lot of times at home. Yes, there was nothing too awful about the fact that Master was feeding me like a pony in public.. But I felt myself blushing deeply and I felt very humiliated. Once Master gave me the bag of chips again, he smiled, leaned back, and said:

“That was fun!”

Heh. It was fun. I’m not sure whether or not he knew how humiliated I felt. After all, I don’t usually humiliate that easily. I knew no one saw us, but it was the fact that someone might have walked in and seen that made me feel embarrassed.

With an eager grin, I admit – I wanna do that again!


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