Let’s Go Fly A Slave..


At the place we lived before this, we had our bondage rig set up. Sadly, it took us until this past weekend to finally get the rig back up and running. Still, I was very excited, as you can see in the picture. Actually, we took a couple pictures in the swing, but they all came out blurry, thus the incredibly low quality here. Oh well. I’d been eating lunch when Master asked me to run over and test his newly installed rig.

Gawd, I seriously hope that we can have one of these in every room in our future house. That’d be rad. Likely, we’ll have more ideas for equipment by then. A whole house to trick out would be more exciting than one little apartment. STILL! I’m very excited. Master has been talking about the rig for months, but he has been so busy at work that it took him until now to set it up. I can’t wait to use it for the first time in our “new” apartment. (We’ve been here over a year, but still). Unfortunately, though we both wanted to use it right away, Master had to get going to work shortly after setting it up.

Guess I’ll just have to take the backing and the knee slings off and trade between hula hooping and swinging on this like I was at the play ground until Master and me have our chance for more adult play time.

Yes. That should do nicely.

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