Wow!  I woke up yesterday, and was completely shocked when someone sent me a tweet congratulating me for being one of the top 100 sex bloggers on SweetRori’s list!  I was actually pretty sure someone out there was trying to get my goat, so I double checked the list for myself, and there I am!  #85!  Wow!  There are so many amazing and talented bloggers on the list, that I just feel so honored!  Thank you so much for including me, Rori!  Please check out a few of these amazing blogs.  They are all deserving and wonderful.  Here is the list:

1.Molly from Molly’s Daily Kiss@mollysdailykiss
2.EA from Easily Aroused@EasilyAroused
3.Hyacinth Jones from A Dissolute Life Means…
4.Cheeky Minx from Love Hate Sex Cake@LoveHateSexCake
5.Amy from Anal Amy@AnalAmy
6.My Trousers Rolled from My Trousers Rolled@rolledtrousers
7.Sexual Life of a Wife from Sexual Life of a Wife
8.Dark Gracie from Gracie’s Playground@darkgracie
9.diirrty from d i i r r t y
10.nilla from Vanillamom’s Blog@swirlednilla
11.Suggestive Tongue from Suggestive Tongue@Suggestive
12.Sunny Megatron from Sunny Megatron@SunnyMegatron
13.Aisha from Being Aisha
14.Dev from Delving to Deviance
15.Amie Wee from Crevice Canyon@crevicecanyon
16.Remittance Girl from Remittance Girl@remittancegirl
17.Lady Dragonfly from Lady Dragonfly@miladydragonfly
18.paltego from Femdom Resource
19.Bella Blush from Clean, Moral, Polite
20.Girl on the Net from Girl on the Net@girlonthenet
21.Clarisse Thorn from Clarisse Thorn@clarissethorn
22.Kyle Mew from Kyle Mew@kylemmew
23.Violet+Rye from Uncommon Appetites@UCAppetites
24.Mina and Sylvanus from At Longing’s End@mydesire and @sylvanus
25.Athol Kay from Married Man Sex Life
26.Heather and Nikki from Vagina Antics@Heather_Cole1 and @Nikki_Blue1
27.Ferns from Domme Chronicles@Ferns__
28.Conina from Exploring Surrender
29.Kaya from Under His Hand
30.Joan Price from Better Than I Ever Expected@joanprice
31.Dumb Domme from Dumb Domme@DumbDomme
32.Sadie from That’s What Sadie Said
33.Nikki from Nikki True@Thenikkitrue
34.Lucas Brooks from Top To Bottom@Top2Bottom
35.HH and Lo from My Sex Life with Lola
36.Harper Elliot from (It Girl. Rag Doll)@HarperEliot
37.Charlie Glickman from Charlie Glickman@charlieglickman
38.Lady Cheeky from Smut for Smarties@Lady_Cheeky
39.TemptingSweets999 from Tempting Sweets: Story Heat
40.Monocle, Redbud, and Ximena from The Erotic Writer @_Monocle_ and @_Ximena_Writes_
41.Happy BDSM from Happy BDSM
42.Charlie Nox from Charlie Nox@charlienox
43.Theo Black from Theo Black
44.Chrystal Bougon from Bliss Radio
45.Rockin from Light Switch@RockinwithaCock
46.Dr. Marty Klein from Sexual Intelligence@drmartyklein
47.Miranda an Aaron from The Swinger’s Attic
48.Karen from Kissing Blue Karen@kissinbluekaren
49.Axe from Unspeakable Axe@unspeakableaxe
50.Peroxide from Submissive in Seattle@Peroxide__
51.Rachel Rabbit White from Rachel Rabbit White@rabbitwhite
52.Jill McDevitt from A Day in the Life of a Sexologist
53.LS&M from Love, Sex & Marriage
54.Hubman from Hubman’s Hangout@hubman38
55.Coyote’s Kitten from Kitten’s Paw Prints in Slavery@coyoteskitten
56.Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross from Dodson and Ross@dodsonandross
57.Daisy Danger from The True Life Sex Adventures of Daisy Danger@daisydanger
58.Oatmeal Girl from Submission & Metaphor@oatmeal_girl
59.Fatal from You Linger Like a Haunting Refrain
60.Ruby Ryer from Pegging Paradise@Ruby_Ryder
61.Kyle Jones from Butchtastic
62.Anakin and padme from Journey to the Darkside@AnakinDarth and @padmeamidala
63.Lady Pandorah from Lady Panorah’s Sanctuary@ladypandorah
64.Marie Rebelle from Rebel’s Notes@rebelsnotes
65Thumper from Denying Thumber@thumperMN
66.Jade from Pieces of Jade@piecesofjade
67.Jason Stotts from Erosophia@jstotts
68.BD Swain from Leaning How To Tell You@redswain
69.Bre from Owned, Collared, Loved
70.Dangerous Lilly from This Could Be Dangerous@dangerouslilly
71.Modesty Ablaze from Modesty Ablaze@ablazingmodesty
72.Suzanne from All Mine
73.Kitty from My Secret Life
74.Domina Victoria Rage from Domina Victoria Rage@VictoriaRage
75.Sin from Finding My Submission
76.Maggie Mayhem from Miss Maggie Mahem@msmaggiemayhem
77.Artemisia Absinthium from Absinth Cocktail@ArtiAbsinthium
78.N. Likes from My Dissolute Life@nlikes
79.TheOthers1 from Undue Creativity
80.Roxy from Uncommon Curiosity@sroxy
81.Mollena from The Perverted Negress@Mollena
82.Jerome from Let’s Talk About Sex
83.Liza from Always Each Other@lizawrites
84.Figleaf from Real Adult Sex@talkingfigleaf
85.Red Vinyl Kitty from The Sub Mission@The_Sub_Mission
86.Omega and Mouse from The Power Exchange@talesofmouse
87.Innocent Loverboy from Innocent Loverboy@innocentlb
88.Shelby Cross from Shelby Cross, Writer
89.Blacksilk from Being Blacksilk@BlacksilkBlog
90.Kaleigh Trace from Fucking Facts@TheFuckingFacts
91.Romantic Dominant from A Faded Romantic’s Notebook
92.BiLikesSciFi from A Tale of Bi and Bi
93.Curvaceous Dee from Curvaceous Dee@curvaceousdee
94.Evoe Thorne from My Whole Sex Life@WholeSexLife
95.Ponyboy from Marriage in the Bedroom@Ponyboy0000
96.Jack and Jill from Frisky in the 916@jackandjillcpl and @jillandjackcpl
97.The Gentle Nibbles Writing Team from Gentle Nibbles@gentlenibbles
98.Kitty from The Submissive Wife
99.Kat from She Makes the Rules

100. YOU! As always, I want to leave a place on this list for ALL the awesome sex bloggers out there! So please leave a comment on Between My Sheets with your name/URL to tell us about your sexy blog!


Many congratulations to all who made it!  =^^=

6 thoughts on “#85

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Padme! I really appreciated your nomination! *HUGS* I am so excited to be included in the list this year. I have never been included before, so this was a complete surprise to me! =^^=

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